Exciting first trailer for spy thriller Enemy

The trailer for Enemy 对手 looks so good it deserves its own post. The show is described as a “cat-and-mouse spy drama set in peaceful times” and features Guo Jingfei, Tan Zhuo, Yan Bingyan and Ning Li in leading roles.

The suspense drama comes from director Lu Lunchang (Little Doctor) and writer Wang Xiaoqiang (Little Doctor, Mask).

Dramatic new teaser for Song Qian, Luo Yunxi’s Broker

Broker was the only Miu Juan (author of The Interpreter) novel I read and liked, so I will be checking out the drama adaption despite its flaws. Starring Song Qian as a patriotic scientist and Luo Yunxi as a corporate spy, the romance drama will premiere on July 22nd.

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Government-endorsed COVID-19 drama series releases trailer

Standing Together 在一起 revolves around China’s pandemic response, and will be split into 10 X 2 episode stories:

  • The Turning Point: Zhou Yiwei, Tan Zhuo, Zhang Tian’ai, Mei Ting
  • Ferryman: Lei Jiayin, Ni Ni, Zhang Jingchu, Jiang Xin
  • Rescuer: Zhu Yawen, Xu Lu
  • Together: Yang Yang, Zhao Jinmai, Zhang Yunlong, Ren Zhong
  • 24 Hour Search: Huang Jingyu, Li Xiaoran
  • Wuhan People: Liu Mintao, Jia Nailiang, Ni Dahong
  • Fangcang Hospital: Jin Dong, Sun Jiayu, Mao Xiaohui
  • I Am Dalian: Deng Lun, Li Qin, Dong Jie, Liu Lin
  • Face Mask: Hai Qing, Feng Shaofeng, Dong Xuan
  • Construction of Huoshenshan: Chen Shu

The drama is slated to premiere on all major television networks in October.

Sun Li, Luo Jin’s real-estate drama airs tonight

I Will Find You a Better Home 安家/卖房子的人 borrows the character setups of Japanese drama Your Home is My Business, and stars Sun Li as a real-estate agent who never fails to sell a house. The 53 episode drama costars Luo Jin, Zhang Meng and Wang Zijian, and airs daily on Dragon TV/Beijing TV beginning tonight.

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Sun Li, Luo Jin play real estate agents in upcoming modern drama

Your Home Is My Business 卖房子的人 is loosely based on the Japanese drama of the same name and stars Sun Li as Fang Sijin, a real estate agent manager who has her own creative way of selling properties. The story begins in earnest when the heroine is sent to help save a failing real estate office branch managed by Xu Wenchang (Luo Jin).

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Wuxia series Wudang Yijian releases promos

Wudang Yijian tries to minimize the use of stunt doubles by casting leads with dance and martial arts backgrounds.

Wuxia series Wudang Yijian 武当一剑 hopes to use as few stunt doubles as possible by casting leads with martial arts and/or dance backgrounds. These include the two leads Yu Yiliao and Chai Biyun (Border Town Prodigal) , both Beijing Dance Academy high school graduates who went on to film academies. The cast also stars So You Think You Can Dance finalist and Mongolian dance specialist Wei Lisi , Beijing Dance Academy classical dance graduate Shan Danhan,  National Dance Champion Lin Yiting, MMA fighter Ao Hailin, and National Strongman Champion Long Wu. They also invited a number of Wudang martial arts practitioners as actors.  

You can watch some BTS of the fight scenes here and the long trailer English-subbed here. Watch the MV for the theme song by Sun Nan below:

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Song Qian, Luo Yunxi find themselves on opposite sides of the law in Broker

Luo Yunxi (Ashes of Love) stars as the titular broker Zhou Xiaoshan, a spy who is ordered to steal valuable research information from scientist Qiu Jianing, played by Song Qian (Moonshine and Valentine). [Extended Synopsis]

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