Sinology Sunday: December 13, 2015

Northern and Southern Dynasties.  Can you imagine Ariel Lin dressing like this for the Prince of Lanling?

This week, we take a look into more clothes pre-dating the Tang dynasty.  Pictures this week come from Clothing and Happiness 裝束與樂舞.  Each of the pictures will be labeled with the general time period they are attributed to and possibly some more details.  I will try to keep them in order.  Most of the pictures come from the Northern and Southern Dynasties and the Sui dynasty.

With this post, we make a full circle and end up just behind the Tang dynasty.  You may see more of Clothing and Happiness in the future but I find that their styling may not be for everybody and probably not the most… err… in-line with modern tastes.  We will be following this post up with more Han dynasty and pre-Han dynasty clothing pictures before we start jumping around in the timeline and exploring other Hanfu groups.

Also, I was able to find a source of more Han dynasty hanfu pictures with *gasp* males from different occupations and walks of life.  I’m not sure how long these pictures will last but it seems a couple other hanfu makers have started expanding into this time period a tiny bit so maybe I will be able to get just as many pictures from this era that I have from every other dynasty… like say the popular Tang dynasty… pretty please… *bambi eyes*

More pictures below the cut.

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