Street Style: Last Reminder of Summer

 photo 19142_293112_462094_zpsdae71f69.jpg

Sunny clothes and sunny smile for Joe Chen Qiao’en.

As summer comes to an end – August is gone already – fashionable c-celebs end it in style. (Or really, Cfensi introduces you to their pretty clothes so we can slide out of that season with style). Look below the cut for Wang LIkun, Nicky Wu, Ma Su, and more.
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Street Style: C-Celebs romantic for summer

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Zhang Xinyi can pull this off.

Here at Cfensi, we are supportive of pretty people regardless of where they are. With that, enjoy this edition of C-celebs in their Street Style, featuring celebs in “romantic” and colorful garb for summer. (A disproportionate number of them are wearing jackets, though).  Look below for Zhang Zilin, Wang Likun, Linda, Huang Jue, Tu Songyan, Li Zifeng, Yin Xu, Wu Jianfei, Li Hui, Lin Peng…

Yang Mi and boyfriend Hawick Lau also make an appearance. They put the romance into the post?

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Street Style: C-Celebrities in coats for autumn

Yao Di

Celebrities, like the rest of us, can get cold too, which is probably why so many of them have begun to appear with coats on. Look below to see C-celebs in style – which coat would you steal if you had the chance? Factor in the attractiveness of the coat and how much of a fan you are of the former wearer. For those of you who zealously follow the trends for clothing in male celebrities, an effort has been made to show you a few males in style. Continue reading