Jacky Xue Releases New MV and Mini-Movie

“My love for you has nothing to do with you.”

This doesn’t seem to make any sense, at least not until you watch Jacky Xue‘s new MV and mini-movie. In his first single after signing with a new company, Jacky writes about a love that doesn’t ask for reciprocation. The related mini-movie, titled Right Beside You (最熟悉的陌生人, literally “The Most Familiar Stranger”), tells of a man named Yang Xi, who falls in love with a girl with face blindness. When her boyfriend leaves her and she gets sent to the hospital, Yang Xi decides to pretend to be her boyfriend and protect her until her illness can be cured. Although she must depend on a photograph to remember his face, he nevertheless remains devoted to her.

In order to ensure that his song aligned with the mini-movie’s plot, Jacky secluded himself for half a month to find inspiration. At one point, he refused to board the plane to Beijing, where filming for the mini-movie would take place, because he hadn’t yet found the melody that would generate the most feeling. After all, “if this song can’t emotionally move me, how can it touch viewers and listeners?” Although he had to start over many times, he hopes that everyone will approve of and like the result.

The MV for “Within Your Circumference” (方圆几里), composed and written by Jacky, and English-subbed at Cfensi’s subbing channel.

Watch the mini-movie with decent English subs at PPS.TV.

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