Tai-Chi 0 U.S. showing times

New steampunk martial arts film trilogy  Tai-Chi 0 will be airing in the U.S. in late October.  There’s a free screening at the University of Southern California on the 14th. The show opens on October 19th in San Diego, Monterey Park, Sacramento, City of Industry, Hollywood, Irvine , Chicago, Boston, New York, Portland, Seattle ,Houston, and Philadelphia,  and on  October 26th in Honolulu. Canadian airings are undecided. For more information, check showtimes on the official website here.

Tai-Chi 0 is loved by critics, releases bold character posters

Tai-Chi Zero (the sequel is Tai Chi Hero) has gotten amazing reviews all around, with Mark Adams of Screen Daily  commenting that  “Big, bold and glossy and blending comic-book style effects with martial arts mayhem – and with a little steampunk aesthetic thrown in for good measure – Stephen Fung’s enjoyably off-the-wall action film is a real guilty pleasure big screen experience and despite more than a few mis-steps really does deliver,” while Twitch calls it  “Playful, exciting and hugely entertaining,” with  “the biggest down side to Tai Chi 0 is the inevitable wait for the sequel, a wait that Fung makes all the harder by embedding an absolutely gonzo trailer for the follow up in the closing credits.”

The Huayi-produced movie stars new wushu star Yuan Xiaochao, the Beijing Olympic gold medalist in changquan (performance), as well as an all-star cast of Angelababy, Feng Shaofeng, Tony Leung Kai-fa, Eddie Peng and guest performances from the likes of Daniel Wu and Shu Qi. (more…)