News Roundup 6/8/09 – 6/19/09

We’re going to start a news roundup of all the little bits of news that we don’t have the energy, time, or motivation to make full posts on. I wanted to start one before, but my inherent laziness made it seem like a project doomed to failure; We’re going to try again anyway because now we’re finding it harder to have the energy to make those full posts.

These links were found mostly by idarklight ….which is how it usually goes on behind the scenes of Cfensi. Except for the obvious parts by me, like where I start to whine about lack of Wang Yuexin activities again. WYX…you’re turning me into a whiner.


Yu Siyuan and B.I.Z


Yu Siyuan and Biz are back with their new single Zhan Fang, which  is making airwaves across China. Unfortunately no link, but here are the lyrics.

Chinese Paladin 3 OST is out. Though the album is a disappointed to most who loved the first OST, Blue Bird Flying Fish may make their lucky break as their song, “Ci Sheng Bu Huan,” was a general favorite. Listent to the OST here.

Huang Yali‘s first MV under Taiwanese company Linfair is out. The former Super Girl is one of the latest to benefit from the lifted restrictions on mainland artists in Taiwan.

Also releasing albums recently: Gary Cao, Peggy Hsu, Phoenix Legend, Tan Weiwei, Jerry Yan, and Lollipop. And maybe some artists I’ve forgotten (Don’t hate me!). I’ve linked to youtube accounts where you can listen to the album for some artists.

Mayday‘s DNA MV for their DNA tour is out. Watch it here.

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Stills from A Tribute to Stephen Chow


This is satirical series which involves a series of homages to Stephen Chow movies, and revolves around the character of “Xiao Qiao” played by Jing Boran, in his acting debut. Eva Huang Shengyi, whose company is backing this series will be making an appearance as well, despite having been at odds with Stephen Chow over her contract to appear in more Kung Fu Hustle films in the boring role of the lollipop girl. When asked by media about this she said this wasn’t a big deal, and was doing it as a favor to her company.

More pictures below, including one of her and her manager/sometimes actor, Yang Zi (who paid her way out of that contract) in a familiar position, but mostly of Jing Boran, the younger one in singing duo BoBo, which incidentally won best mainland group at the “Wind and Cloud” newcomer awards. Expect a fairly detailed post on that particular awards ceremony once better videos come out.

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