25 Under 25: Mango Little Actors

Rated 9.3/10 on the Chinese version of IMDb, the child actors’ version of Dream of the Red Chamber has the highest rating for a recent Chinese drama and fourth overall.

 A series  for some of my favorite up-and-rising young artists. Most of them aren’t big enough to have fancy photo shoots, but they’re cute. 

Actors who can read their own lines, do their own stunts, dance, and sing? Welcome to the world of Mango Little Actors / Star of Tomorrow 芒果小戏骨, a Hunan local show that features incredibly talented child actors who put many of their adult counterparts to shame.

The group came to fame after their cute rendition of Disney’s Mulanand then solidified their ability to nail serious roles in mini series  Dream of the Red Chamber.  They have also  recreated condensed versions of Hunanese tales like Liu Sanjie, as well as classics like Romance of the Three Kingdoms  and Madame White Snake.

Watch a side-to-side comparison of their recreation of Disney’s Mulan:

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