“Spring Romance” blossoms again after explosion


Has the fire burnt out all of Yu Haoming’s passion? Or will Spring come again to revive him?

Spring Romance 爱在春天, known as the notorious drama where Yu Haoming and Selina Ren were burnt in an explosion and left hospitalized for months, is back again.  Yu Haoming, who decided to pick up where he ended last time, returns as the male lead, the Shanghai Bund jazz musician who falls for the singer Butterfly, this time played by Yuan Shanshan instead of Selina Ren.

The series is set to air on Hunan TV’s weekday nights slot after Female Prime Minister/Legend of Lu Zhen finishes.  More photos below the cut. Continue reading

Yu Haoming returns to TTXS, first previews of “Love in the spring”


Yu Haoming in his comeback drama. Fall in love with him again this spring?


Rising from the ashes of the past,   Yu Haoming returns to the stage of Tian Tian Xiang Shang as a host two years after his burn accident.  He also introduced the drama that he continued to film despite the accident two years ago, “Love in the spring 爱在春天.”

As a part of his comeback, Yu Haoming also wrote his own song “I’m actually alright.” His friends, in particular the 2007 Super Boys, covered the song to support him, including versions by the also newly-returned Amulong as well as Chen Chusheng, Zhang JieWang YuexinWei Chen and Wang Zhengliang, Allen Su Xing and Top Combine’s Zhang Yuan, Yao Zheng, Lu Hu, Guo Biao, etc.

Watch the special ad below and the entire episode here.