Feng Xiaogang’s 2014 Spring Gala releases program

Do you remember Yang Liping’s gorgeous Peacock dance from last year?

Chinese New Year’s is on January 31, so the annual CCTV Spring Gala will broadcast the eve before. The official 2014 Spring Gala Weibo (everything’s released on Weibo now) recently released an official list of the upcoming programs for the Feng Xiaogang-directed show. You may recognize Yao Beina, Amber Kuo, Jackie Chan, Lang Lang, Yif, Yang Kun, Liu Huan, and  Sun Nan among them. Jane Zhang, formerly one of Hunan TV’s Supergirls, also promises to make an appearance. Also coming from Super Boys will be Wang Zhengliang and Hua Tianyu.  Personally, I’m looking forward to the “Butterfly Dream” acrobatics, and the song by Mongolian ethnic singer Wulan Tuya.

Welcome to the Year of the Horse! Look below the cut for a list of the upcoming programs.  Continue reading