Li Zijun skating to Jane Zhang’s “Only for Love”

Because she’s too precious for this world and we might never see this again.  source

It’s actually pretty rare for Chinese pop music to make it into official programs, so here’s one of my favorites as the season ends.   Li Zijun, one of China’s top female figure skaters, skating to Jane Zhang‘s “Only for Love.”


Yang Yang, Amber Kuo bear the Olympic flame


What better way to show the Olympic spirit with Yang Yang’s infectious smile?

In case you need a reminder it’s an Olympics year again, we have the ever so adorable Yang Yang and Amber Kuo as celeb torch-bearers in Athens to start the Olympic flame’s  journey around the world.

Who are you rooting at Rio 2016?   For those of you who were with us at the forum, I still remember us (mostly me) balling on the chatbox over Qiu Bo getting silver.  I think that’s definitely one gold I’m rooting for, although Chen Aisen is turning out to be a serious competitor for the gold this year. Also can someone update me on what’s going on with the gymnastics team? They seem to have done horrible at last year’s world championships.   Continue reading

Olympic figure skaters pimp post

Liu Zijun 3

The young generation of figure skaters are so adorable I want to pinch all of their faces.

The Olympics are here again, so idarklight is again distracted by prettiness. Here’s a post dedicated to the young generation of figure skaters.

First up is the darling of the team – Liu Zijun. At the age of 17, she’s the national champ for female solos four times over. The first Chinese female to medal in a world event since Lu Chen in the 90’s, not to mention one of the cutest.  The girl is such a charm that her routines have so far consisted of Snow White, Up, and my favorite,  Sleeping Beauty.

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Assorted English news

  1. The world seems to be concerned that Hollywood films are no longer beating the domestic films in China, read about it from the New York Times and the Guardian. Is this a temporary phenomenon or a lasting trend?
    How quickly do cultural works depreciate in value?  The Slate does an economic analysis here.
  2. China’s new first lady quickly becomes style icon for a nation.   This article on singer Peng Liyuan suggests that only those with “imperfect bodies,” such as Zhou Xun or Fan Bingbing (what flaws?) , will become fashion icons.
  3. Tennis player Li Na chosen for one of the seven covers of Times 100.
  4. Dreamworks Oriental, the Shanghai-based offshoot of the animation company that’s partly owned by the Shanghai Media Group, has announced Tibet Code as one of its first projects. More from Variety hereContinue reading

Celebrity diving takes off in Chinese television


Raise your hand if you want to see Han Geng, in a speedo!

As celebrity diving takes off in both the U.S. and Europe, how can the world’s biggest diving nation fall behind? Like elsewhere, the two major diving formats, Celebrity Splash 中国星跳跃 and High Dive: Stars in Danger 星跳水立方 are fighting it out in China. Jiangsu TV’s Stars in Danger have already secured the Water Cube as a venue, with Vanness Wu, Chen Chusheng and Han Geng as the so-far confirmed guests. Joining them will be Olympic Champion Hu Jia with the soft and lovely commentator voice.

While the entertainment star power is so far a little less for Zhejiang TV’s Celebrity Splash, it still has  eyecandy in model-actor Zhang Lunshuo as one of the three confirmed guests, not to mention diver-turned-actor Tian Liang and the entire Chinese national diving team. Fu Xinbo has also begun training, although I’m not sure which one

Which stars would you like to see in either competition?

Chinese atheletes for Viva China Sports


The national modeling badminton team

Viva China Sports, the management of some of China’s top sports teams, recently did a new photoshoot for their athletes. Combined with a shoot from 2011, the shoots make-up an unfortunately not-for-sale calendar of some of the sports realms’ best-looking athletes.


The sailor crew diving team

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Chen Yibing passes international judge test!


London Olympic ~ Inspire a Generation, but maybe not in the ways intended.

What do you do when you get screwed over by the judges? Become one.  Chen Yibing, captain of the Chinese men’s gymnastics team and reigning world champion in rings, just announced on his QQ weibo that he’s passed the test to become an international gymnastics judge. Congrats!

Another successful proposal – Zou Kai v. Zhou Jie

5-time Olympic Champion Zou Kai on his knees for another happy ending.

Gymnast Zou Kai just proposed to his longtime girlfriend Zhou Jie with the help of his fellow gold-medal men’s gymnastics team (how sweet is it that they take Teng Haibin, who had to pull out of the team two days before the Olympics qualifications begun, everywhere they go?) !  It’s about time, considering how his seniors, the 2008 champions Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu and Li Wei were nudging him on TV during their adorable A Date with Luyu interview.

Congrats to the pair!  You can watch the proposal on Bai Bian Da Ka Xiu, where she performs Jolin Tsai’s dance with awesome rhythmic gymnastics moves, below :

Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok’s wedding tops it all

“In all the world, there’s only you” – the couple at the outdoors wedding party in Guangdong on Saturday.

If you had thought Lin Dan’s wedding was big, look no further to see a bigger one, for Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Hok tops them all. With a guest list that includes Jordanian Prince Ali Bin al Hussein,  richest person of Asian descent Li Ka-shing, Jackie Chan,  Andy Lau, Li Yundi, Li Xiaopeng,  business magnate Allan Zeman, and a host of famous politicians, businessmen and celebrities, the wedding was so big that Hong Kong paparazzi set up boats and giant lifts just to take pictures. The bridesmaids included Guo’s former teammates, Olympic Champions Wu Minxia and Li Na.  A number of her teammates, including Olympic champions Hu Jia, Lin Yue, Luo Yutong, Yang Jinghui and Wang Feng all attended. The wedding itself officiated by Hong Kong’s former Secretary for Justice Elsie Leung.  Some photos from the event below. Continue reading

Aquatic athletes photoshoots: Sun Yang, Ye Shiwen, Shawn Dou, Bao Chunlai, Sang Xue, Tian Liang

1. Sun Yang for GQ

It has to be something in the water that makes them all so adorable. In the bathtub with rubber duckies is swimmer Sun Yang, the runaway 2012 Olympics star. Alongside the pool takes us to Vogue’s photoshoot of diver-turned-actress Sang Xue and host Bao Chunlai, who’ll be making a badminton re-comeback next year. Following them is swimmer Ye Shiwen and actor Shawn Dou for 5th channel. And finally, diver-turned-actor Tian Liang is the only one to really leave the pool with a business photoshoot.

2.Ye Shiwen and Shawn Dou for 5th Channel Continue reading