Tian Liang to dive into Lei Feng


hotness cannot be covered by sand

Diving is known for producing hot guys, and Tian Liang’s one of the hottest (the Olympic gold medals just add to the package). After leaving the team in 2007, he’s became an actor, starring opposite An Yixuan in Nv Lang Zhi Nv and guest starring in Gillian’s Fantastic Water Babes. His next role, which he wanted to act for free, was Lei Feng, a soldier who has posthumously been molded into a myth of selflessness and kindness by the government. In spite of the petition signed by 70 of Lei Feng’s comrades against him playing the role, Tian Liang looks strikingly similar to the portrait of Lei Feng. An interview with Tian Liang below the cut, translated by dbskholic Continue reading