Friday Photos

The Legends‘ two female sect leaders have their own poster and theme song  to celebrate their friendship.

Posters, stills, photoshoots, and random photos that caught my eye this week.

Photos this week includes Angelababy, Cai Xukun, Liu Haoran, Wu Lei, Bai Jingting, Dilraba, Chen Wenqi, Ouyang Nana, Guan Xiaotong, Zheng Yecheng, Zhang Yunlong, Xu Kai, as well as Bai Lu X Xiao Yan for The Legends, Song Qian X Song Weilong for Love Actually, Chen Feiyu and He Landou for film With You.

First moving look at Song Qian X Song Weilong for Love Actually

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Stars in the sky for Elle Anniversary Event

Look at these beautiful people attending a party for Elle China’s 30th birthday party.  The event is somewhere up high in Shanghai, but it’s not like you can tell from the photos since they just used two fake skies as a backdrop.

Guests include  Ni Ni, Li Yuchun, Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Angelababy, Song Qian, Bai Baihe, Liu Wen, Zhang Zilin, Wang Junkai, Lin Yanjun, Mao Buyi, Xu Weizhou, and the casts of Meteor Garden, The Story of Yanxi Palace, and Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace. There are others at the event but I only included people who got an official photo from Elle and a few notable looks. Which ones are your favorites?

Elle Cover Girls. I like how Li Yuchun is just like, nope, not doing that weird heart thing.

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Name those eyes : Chinese stars version

Try and guess these stars from the Eye of the Beholder video. What level of a fensi/fan are you?

Level 1 : Entry C-fensi 

Yang Mi

AngelababyBai BaiheLiu Shishi

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Drama and film news round-up

Drama news

  • Chen Xiao, Zhou Dongyu collaborate again in modern series Glass Slipper 玻璃鞋.Filming begins in March.
  • ee-Media musical  Glee Club Song of Vengeance  唱战记 finally begun filming last week . The series stars Super Girl and current Beijing Film Academy student Fu Mengni, Huang Yida, Ou Hao, Qin Lan, Chai Biyun (Saiya from NHZGG), etc.
  • Luo Jin, Lv Yi collaborate once more for new drama, Daddy Father Pa 爸爸父亲爹, also from Ciwen Entertainment (X-Agent) .  Stills here.
  • Jiang Jinfu, Song Qian, and Yang Yang  begun filming for Li Shaohong’s latest Republican-era suspense drama 茧镇传奇. Stills of the two male leads here.
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Jiang Jingfu to succeed Hu Ge as the lead of another Chinese Paladin

Hu Ge/Li Xiaoyao’s succesor in reel and real.

I see a pattern. Shanghai Tangren’s made Chinese Paladin 1, then 3, and now, they’ve announced a tentative cast for Chinese Paladin 5 (another RPG game), starring Jiang Jingfu as the protagonist. His love interest, a “gentle lady of the Tang family” is rumored to be played by Victoria Song Qian (interestingly enough, he’s currently filming a drama with Victoria’s fake husband Nichkun). The other male lead will be a Yaksa Prince from the Demon World. The quartet is rounded out by a descendant of Nuwa. Li Xiaoyao is her grandfather (played by Hu Ge in CP1, if you recall).

And speaking of Hu Ge and Wallace Huo! The two men are supposed to appear as guest stars…the first across Liu Shishi’s female pugilist, and the second across Tang Yan’s bird demon. In addition, Tangren actress Ying’er is supposed to make an appearance. Comparisons between the tentative casting and original character designs are also below the cut; take a look at who they’re playing! (Many comparison photos were taken from a different drama)  Once I got past the “destiny and blood ties! Humanity and demon hearts! Chivalry and love!’ flower fluff of the synopsis, I deducted that the story seems to climax around a sealed well that links the human world and the demon world. Note: All of this casting is tentative, and very likely to change. I am a little suspicious of how many cast members are returning from Chinese Paladin 3, especially the familiar pairings. SourceContinue reading