0kuo0 in 2015: The Verdict

I know this comes a bit late but I wanted to at least finish or try to finish some stuff before I give suggestions.  I have avoided doing this in the past since I don’t really like ranking dramas.  I find that my opinion of them changes depending on what I am feeling like but I also realize that people try to read these posts as reference for what to watch.  Therefore, these are relatively “ranked” by my personal level of enjoyment… which may be inaccurate sometimes since I do click through dramas if I get impatient and may miss something good or critical…

Murder Mystery/Of Monks and Masters (侠僧探案传奇)

The top three would have to be one of the three major successes of the year for me.

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Song in the Clouds may actually be releasing soon

My main gripe with idol dramas and lots of Yu Zheng’s dramas is that at some point, I start singing “If I Only Had a Brain” nonstop… let’s hope that doesn’t happen again… even if I end up only clicking through this one… >.<

Song in the Clouds looks to be having a possible release on September 13th.  Starring Angelababy, Lu YiChen Xiao, Yang Rong, Du Chun,  and Su Qing, those who are still waiting for this drama will hopefully finally be able to see it air.  Stills, promotional trailers, music, and Yu Zheng’s usual barrage of promotional materials have been released.

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Song in the Clouds releases another trailer

At least it would be amazing of Yu Zheng got sued on this one as well…

Song in the Clouds has released a new trailer.  Starring Angelababy, Lu YiChen Xiao, Yang Rong, Du Chun,  and Su Qing, those still following Tong Hua’s novel adaptations can probably rejoice since this one seems to feature more than just Chen Xiao and Angelababy.

Song in the Clouds releases theme song

Leave it to Yu Zheng to market his drama by including the name of the original novel in the lyrics.

Li Yuchun’s theme song for Song in the Clouds has been released.  Starring Angelababy, Lu Yi, Chen Xiao, Du Chun, Yang Rong, and Su Qing, the series follow the plot of the popular Tonghua novel by the same name.   Tonghua’s Desert Melody, now known as Legend of the Moon and Stars in its drama form,  is the  inferior prequel.   Anyways, more stills below the cut.

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Round up: What’s Yu Zheng up to?

Which drama does this still remind you off? This one? Or this one?

Quiz up (can someone make me a Chinese entertainment version?)! Which one of these is not a drama recently produced by Yu Zheng? Song in the CloudsPalace 3Return of the Condor Heroes 2014, or The Palace? Colorful stills are abound from each drama, and synopses for these can be found by following links to previous posts.

More than once he’s been called upon to “scat from the entertainment circle,” but Yu Zheng is still going strong: his upcoming dramas include Turnip 蔓蔓青萝, a story concerning the young lady Li Qingluo (“Green Carrot”). The daughter of a concubine, she and her mother are disdained by the rest of her high ranking family, and she rarely puts on make up or competes with her sisters for attention. Yet she is a talented zither player and a skilled cook, and when her mother is sick in bed one day, only she leaves to search for medicine. Disguised as a boy one day, she meets the “Five Princes of Feng City,” thus opening a tangled love story…

Also upcoming is his “sequel” to the Legend of Lü Zhen, Legend of Mingyue. (Looking forward to seeing Chen XIao in uniform? This is a Republican era piece). The drama series is based off of the novel The Last Prince, the love story of the “last prince” of the Qing dynasty. Yu Zheng also has plans to adapt the last series in the Condor Trilogy, Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, to television sometime in the future.

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“Song in the Clouds” to Air on June 30th

Angelababy’s smiling at the news just like you are! (Except you probably aren’t Photoshopped.)

Someone must have made a big offering to the cdrama gods, because Song in the Clouds (大汉情缘之云中歌), also known as Yun Zhong Ge, has now announced a broadcast date as well: June 30th.

Starring Angelababy, Du Chun, and Lu Yi, Song in the Clouds is an adaptation of a novel by Tong Hua (of Bu Bu Jing Xin fame). The story takes place after Desert Melody, now titled Legend of the Moon and Stars (星月传奇), which is unfortunately still in that post-production void.

In a nutshell, Song in the Clouds is the story of Huo Yunge (Angelababy), who rescued Liu Fuling (Lu Yi), the Emperor Zhao of Han, when he was eight years old and lost in the desert. Fast forward ten years, and Yunge is off to the emperor’s court looking for the young man she rescued. Unfortunately, she meets and falls in love with Meng Jue (Du Chun), only to discover that she’s being exploited by those hungering for power in the imperial palace.

Song in the Clouds is produced (though not written) by Yu Zheng, and also features everyone’s favorite Chen Xiao. It will air on Zhejiang TV, Jiangsu TV, Shenzhen TV, and Dragon TV.


Stunning stills released from Cloud Song

 photo 704_1008554_340796_zpsb32996b1.jpg

Yang Rong holds her own without a problem. Why are the stills so beautiful?

Based off a book by Tong Hua and produced by Yu Zheng, Yun Zhong Ge (Cloud Song) has began to release numerous stills. It is set to broadcast in 2014.

There is now the possibility I will be tricked into watching this production because of how gorgeous the stills are; how perfect the still where Liu Bingyi (Chen Xiao) and Xu Pingjun (Su Qing) lean in towards each other is, how gorgeous Angelababy looks, how imperious and beautiful Yang Rong looks as the spoiled daughter of Commander-in-Chief Huo…(is anyone else reminded of Tong Liya’s Zhao Feiyan?) Also included in the cast are Lu Yi and Du Chun, who play the male leads; even Zhao Liying (once hoped for as the lead of the drama) makes a cameo as an original character. Continue reading

Cast finalized for Song in the Clouds: Why isn’t Yu Zheng bankrupt yet?

 photo yzg_zps690e3721.jpg

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are jjss08’s, and not Cfensi’s.) In response to my own question…because he still manages to make money off of those other adorable adaptations he makes. Regardless, this means that I will be in a corner crying while he makes another mockery  of history, filming for his new drama Song in the Clouds (adaptation of Tong Hua’s novel.  Btw, its prequel Desert Melody still hasn’t been passed by SARFT, partly due to history fans who’s been calling SARFT every day to protest it.) has recently begun. The cast was finalized, with Chen Xiao playing Liu Bingyi and Su Qing playing Xu Pingjun…actually they aren’t the main characters. They’re just my historical favorites (historically speaking). Angelababy will play the actual lead, (Huo) Yunge and Lu Yi will play Liu Fuling, her romantic interest #1, with Du Chun playing Meng Jue, love interest #2. Yang Rong will be playing Huo Chengjun, the evil daughter of Huo Guang (spoiler alert!) who probably would not have been able to be so evil in history, given the fact that she was thirteen when Liu Bingyi became emperor and just sixteen when her mother poisoned Xu Pingjun. 

Evidently jjss08 is very hung up over this. The cast is fine – better than Mickey He for Liu Bingyi, of course. And no Yuan Shanshan for Yunge, I suppose.

Also, idarklight is mourning at the fact that the designer for this is the one who did “Beauties of the Emperor” and not the one from “Schemes of a Beauty,” so even the clothes won’t be authentic.