The Queens releases Tarot card posters

Chen Qiaoen

Singer Annie Yi makes her directorial debut with The Queens 我是女王, which follows the lives of three best friends (Song Hye-kyo, Joe Chen, and Wu Junmei) as they try to gain control of their own lives. The film also stars Shawn Dou, Joe Cheng, Jerry Yang, Jiang Wu, and guest stars newly-weds Annie Yi and Qin Hao. The film is set for a November 6th release. Trailer below and character posters below the cut and here.

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Looking forward to Upcoming Chinese films in 2014

Ge You and Jiang Wen as showmasters in the movie, Gone With the Bullets.

Ge You and Jiang Wen as show masters in the upcoming movie, Gone With the Bullets.

The year is almost a quarter over (I know!), but 2014 is a really exciting year for Chinese film and it would be a waste not to take a look at all the great stuff that’s going to be released soon. This year, as some have noted, will be the year of big director comebacks, from Red Cliff’s John Woo to Zhang Yimou and many others. (Thanks to Mookie for everything about this post, I’m just here to spread the word.)

(Also, you’ll soon realize that Huang Xiao Ming does not rest… I believe he has at least 4 films this year alone, excluding dramas!!)

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New Kitty Zhang Yuqi Photoshoots: Guess Jeans and Hotspot


I expected these pictures to show up on CRIEnglish, due to the tags, but they haven’t and I imagine that is because Zhang Yuqi is not a big star…yet. Stephen Chow knows how to propel girls to stardom despite only giving them shallow vase roles, and after getting that coveted shallow vase role in CJ7, Kitty seems to be doing well in the HK film world, getting to act alongside two experienced female actresses for her upcoming film and she recently shot a series of ads for Guess Jeans’ fall winter line, showing her at her daily routine, including interviewing, photoshoots, and walking the red carpet. More below the cut.

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