So Young airs after 6 months, 8 cities filming marathon


The costumes are lovely, the actors are cute, and the on-location sets are beautiful for this youthful summer treat.

The longest-filmed modern idol drama I’ve heard of, So Young 致青春 shot in three locations in Italy (Milan, Florence, and Lucca) and five in China (Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing, Wuyuan) over a period of six months.   The adaptation also features on-site recording, another bonus.    Starring Chen Yao, Yang Le, Zhang Danfeng, Ma Ke, and Cai Jingwen,  So Young is set to air July 11th, and I’m definitely looking forward to it!

Chen Yao, Zhang Danfeng’s kissing tour of the world


So Young and Stay With Me are in a tight battle for most kiss scenes of the year.

Did all the Chinese directors  decided to upgrade their camera, costumes, and lighting departments?  Because there are so many dramas that looks pretty visually (even without the photo filters here).

From the Wuyuan riverside to the Shanghai cityscape to the Lucca countryside ,  Chen Yao and Zhang Danfeng pose for a romantic kiss wherever they go.   Drama So Young is set to air on July 1st.

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Chen Yao chases after Yang Le in So Young


When people like Chen Yao and Dilireba always play the one who relentlessly chases after some completely unmoved guy, you begin to question what’s wrong with the male race.

Chen Yao, Yang Le, Ma Ke, and Cai Jingwen tackle on Yang Zishan, Mark Zhao, and Han Geng  in  the much brighter(literally) and younger TV adaptation of So Young 致青春.  I’m a fan of both leads, and the trailer actually looks like a lot more fun than the film. No news on broadcasting yet.

Thoughts on films “But Always” and “My Old Classmate”


My Old Classmate and But Always are both recent films following the nostalgic trend after the success of So Young and American Dreams in China, but did they succeed, or were they mere capitalistic ventures to ride on the commercial success of their predecessors? Warning: There might be spoilers.

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Zhao Wei directs new film So Young

 photo 39235_1705802_853780_zpsec2aebc8.jpg

Zhao Wei, pretty even when she’s not in the film.

I love how the bright colors of the posters blow the cut. They give this upcoming film So Young 致青春, directed by Zhao Wei a cheerful, youthful glow. Built on the melancholy  theme “disappear with the wind,” the film will center around the trials and tribulations of youths as they struggle to find their way in this changing world. (A young girl pursues her childhood sweetheart, and finally gets into the college he went to, only to learn that he has left to study abroad. She makes new friends, becomes enemies with a cold but handsome man, and then falls for him – but wait, there’s more! She graduates college, and years later, both men return to her life….)

Look below the cut to see posters where people break things in pretty color schemes. The movie is adapted from a novel called In Honor of Our Youth, Which Will Ultimately Depart (that’s another hint about the tone of the film). The film stars Han Geng, Mark Chao, Yang Zishan, Cya Liu, Jiang Shuying, Zheng Kai and Tong Liya. Look below the cut posters where people break things in pretty color schemes.  Continue reading

“So Young” trailer features artsy nostalgia

What kind of movie releases trailers without a  poster?

New director Zhao Wei channeling her graduate adviser Tian Zhuangzhuang for her first film, “To our fading youth.”

Zhao Wei’s directorial debut, “So Young 致我们终将逝去的青春” starring Han Geng, Mark Zhao, Yang Zishuan, Tong Liya, Huang MIng, Zheng Kai, etc. released its first trailer today.   The film,  set to be released on Valentine’s Day this year, is based on the book of the same name. The film feels surprisingly artsy despite it being a commercial film. That’s no surprise, though, considering her graduate adviser in directing was Tian Zhuangzhuang, whose traces can be felt in the trailer.

Watch the trailer below, although I wish the trailer was of higher quality, though.