God of War aims for release… for realz

This time’s for realz… we swearz…

God of War: Zhao Zilong looks to be releasing on April 3rd… and even put out more nicely edited posters to convince us this time.  Starring Lin Gengxin, Im Yoona, Godfrey Gao, Gulnazar, Kim Jeonghoon, Zhao Hanyingzi, and Jia Qing, I’m guessing if you want to see this, keep your fingers crossed but with the amount of materials they are putting out this time around, it’s probably actually going to happen. Viki has brought the rights to it overseas, so it should be English subbed over there.

More stills below the cut.

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God of War aims for release


In the cut-throat environment of today, even historical figures are forced to bow their heads to the forces of popularity and chase the trends of yester-year.

God of War: Zhao Zilong looks to be releasing on January 21.  Starring Lin GengxinIm Yoona, Godfrey Gao, GulinazhaKim Jeonghoon, Zhao Hanyingzi, and Jia Qing, anyone interested in this drama can probably get a better look at the drama as promotional materials should start trickling through.

More stills below the cut.

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God of War releases stills


Neither of them look comfortable because it’s really hard to ride a horse when you have to get both riders’ faces to show up in the photo.

Coproduction series God of War: Zhao Zilong released its first stills today, featuring Lin Gengxin as Zhao Zilong, SNSD’s Im Yoona as made-up character, Godfrey Gao as Lv Bu, Gulinazha as Diao Chan, Kim Jeonghoon as an angry bladesman, some girl who I can not identify Zhao Hanyingzi as another made-up character, Jia Qing as Maggie Cheung, and an older gentleman with a cool robe.

Jia Qing looking stunning in  a red dress in red leaves.  Already done, but props for trying to color-coordinate.

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New Girlgroup Idolgirls / Ai Duo Girls- Start of the Girlband Wave in China?

I was not going to post on this girl group, because I had no idea if they were going to last- they don’t even have an MV out yet. However, a fervent commenter alerted me to the fact that this girlgroup was posted on allkpop.com, and furthermore, with a picture that wasn’t even of them, of someone else  in SNSD outfits, just to bash.

Ok, so first, the second picture of them wearing the sailorsuits, is of COSPLAYERS who aren’t singers at all.  These girls are a different group, with only the member  number 9 the same, a  number that both Morning Musume (Jp) and Hey Girls (Tw) had before SNSD. And SNSD is not really that popular in China – all 3 groups have about the same popularity in China, aka, not a lot –    only around 3000 registered fans at their baidu.

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