Announcement: Hey, Cfensi sponsors time travel now!

What was happening around 6 years ago, in September? Yang Yun and Yang Wei were getting engaged/married, China’s Modern Sky Festival was in Beijing and not coming to New York (October 4-5, 2014 if you remember), Ugly Wudi had yet to come out, Painted Skin came out on the 25th, on and on and – oh, yeah, and Cfensi started to publish posts on this WordPress website!

So here’s an anniversary present! (We’re actually ~4 days late, but…you and I both don’t want to wait until Christmas or Chinese New Years~) Cfensi now features a “Time Portal” tab – take a look here, and you’ll find a catalogue (by time era, ie: Qin, Han, etc) of the Chinese dramas we’ve posted on since we came back to WordPress in late August/early September, 2012. We’re trying to incorporate some type of video link for each project, so if you find one for a drama or movie we haven’t listed yet, please leave a note to make our jobs easier! Of course, also feel free to leave other suggestions and feedback.

Announcement: Cfensi writers on vacation

 photo 704_990416_415734_zpsbd06475a.jpg

Liang Jing looks like she’s having fun – wait for Friday to see the rest of her shoot in our weekly round up.

I hope that you have come to enjoy the new weeklies as much as I have (Weibo Wednesday? Music Monday? Kudos to Jo and SJZGloria for their excellent posts!). However, our writers are rather busy this summer (winter, if you’re in the Southern hemisphere!) – and unlike Liang Jing in our feature post, they are not lounging at the beach. Photoshoot Friday will still be regularly posted, but Music Monday and Weibo Wednesday will be somewhat irregular.

We are also introducing a new weekly, Translation Tuesday. At the moment there is nothing in particular we want to translate (feel free to offer novel suggestions in the comments!), but readers can leave comments with each post for song translation requests. (Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments for this post, even).