Silver Ash: Birth and Rebirth of Glam Rock in China


Silver Ash 银色灰尘 is a Chinese glam rock band often touted to be the first of their kind in China, and their rise in popularity went a long way in raising the interests of Chinese fans in the Visual Kei genre, from which the band draws their inspiration.

The Japanese Visual Kei movement has always been something of an enigma – a genre defined not so much by musical style as wardrobe choice, and needless to say, rather glamorously outlandish ones at that. Yet, it’s known to have one of the strongest cult followings in the world.

My first introduction to Visual Kei was through my sister a couple of years ago. It’s a completely different experience purely listening to their music versus watching their videos, the appearance really does change everything, something I am reluctant to admit.It wasn’t that they were scary in any way, it was more like they weirded me out, a judgement that I’ve tried to correct over the years. Visual Kei certainly is not everyone’s cup of tea, but there are tons of good music to be found if one learns to accept, or at least overlook, the appearance.