Embroidery brings together odd couple

Guo Jingming
I think Li Yuchun and Guo Jingming should date. They’ll be the strangest couple ever.

What happens when China’s two icons of adrodgenous pop idols work together? They produce Sichuan embroidery. With lyrics by Guo Jingming and sung by Li Yuchun, Shu Xiu, or Sichuan embroidery, will be the theme song for Sichuan’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival. I’m so jealous of Sichuan for having so many artists to grab from when they need some musical advertisment. Confucious’ home province need some love, too.

Shu Xiu – lyrics by Guo Jingming, sung by Li Yuchun


Jane and her new company want to bring music back to Sichuan

talk about advertisement for Chengdu
Talk about advertising; Jane steps up her role as Chengdu's mascot by naming her company after it.

With Sichuan being the home to half of all mainland musicians, it’s time that music moves back to Sichuan. Since her contract with Huayi Music expired (no news yet about the management company), that’s what Jane Zhang‘s set out to do. “Show City Music” in English, the Chinese name is “Shao Cheng Yin Yue,” with “Shao Cheng/City of Youth” being a nickname of Chengdu. The employees, too, are mostly Sichuanese. The one other signed singer is Wang Zhengliang, one of the three eeMedia Super Boys from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music.

Jane has always been quite vocal and articulate about her thoughts about the Chinese music industry, so it’ll be interesting where she takes <Show City. Show City’s first project is Wang Zhengliang’s new song , “Count to three and let go together,” with Zhang Yadong as producer and Jane as the executive producer.
Show City artists ready to rock the roof


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the fairest city of them all?

West Lake of Hangzhou, Lake Tai of Wuxi and pandas of Chengdu
West Lake of Hangzhou, Lake Tai of Wuxi and pandas of Chengdu

While you’re recovering from being wowed by the beauty of Xiamen University due to Meteor Shower, here are a few more places that have recently been brought to the spotlight thanks to celebrity endorsement.

Crystal Liu’s extended commercial for Taihu, as mentioned earlier here, came out last week. click here to watch it

Chengdu, Sichuan’s capital, has also been stepping up in advertising with movies and music. The official mv for its city theme song, “I love this city” by Jane Zhang, finally came out last week.

I love this city-Chengdu theme song