Weibo Wednesday: April 17-24

Celebrities flocked to Weibo this week in order to call followers’ attention to the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Ya’an on April 20th. Whether it was sharing ways to help, urging fans to donate their money or time, or simply posting words of comfort, a bunch of stars made noteworthy Weibo posts. We unfortunately can’t reproduce all of them, but hopefully we’ve gotten some of the more memorable ones.

Please keep the people of Ya’an in your thoughts!

何炅: 刚刚看到的图,和大家分享,我们为美丽的四川加油!

Not sure who first came up with the idea for this photo, but He Jiong posted it on his Weibo, along with a message of support:

I just saw this picture, and want to share it with everyone. Let’s jiayou for the beautiful Sichuan!

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Solidarity post


The Lushan region is not only home to people, but also to the Yan’an Panda Reserve, where these two pandas adopted by Huang Xiaoming live. May the people of Yan’an be like the name of these pandas – Ping Ping An An (safe and sound)

At 8:02 a.m. local time on Saturday, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit the Lushan region of Sichuan, followed by hundreds of aftershocks that went upwards of magnitude of 5.1. As of the writing of this post, there have been over hundreds injured and at least 56 dead.

Let us stand in solidarity of the lives lost and families and friends suffering  everywhere, be it due to natural disasters or other terrible events, in this very depressing week.

Five years ago, this song was sung by a group of Sichuan singers (and written by one) for their home. Sichuan has recovered to be its beautiful self again since then, and may it stand strong again.

BOBO goes old school with Lin Hao

I thought I should have a BOBO post since they are the current header for the site, which was simply because they were the only ones of whom I had a large enough pic to make the header with. They are a singing duo whose name comes from the similar-sounding words in their names, Fu Xinbo and Jing Boran.

Despite that unfortunate moniker I like them, because they can actually sing well and are fun to watch. This is their newest MV, for a remake of an old song, Big China. It’s not on any of their albums and think it’s just a promotional video. Usually I find them pretty cute but when Lin Hao, 9-year old Earthquake survivor and Olympic mini-flag bearer, is in the MV, there’s really no competition. He’s there in the beginning and end, bald patch and all.

They also sang their song “Guang Rong” at the end (or should I say after?) of the Paralympics opening ceremony, though that was not televised live. You can hear it being sung however, at the video found at