Jane Zhang Refuses MTV Award, Cites Unfair Treatment

Jane Zhang in Milan for MTV EMAs

Jane Zhang refused to accept her two MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA), as well as participate in any related activities, after being told that she would not be allowed to accept her award on stage and would have to settle for receiving it backstage.

October 25 saw the announcement of this year’s MTV EMA winners at a ceremony in Milan, Italy. Though focused primarily on Europe, the EMAs also aim to celebrate artists from each continent with regional and worldwide awards. This year, Jane was nominated for “Best Asian Act” (officially known as “Worldwide Act: Asia”) and “Best Chinese & Hong Kong Act,” both of which she ended up winning.

Originally, Jane planned to thank her fans for their overwhelming support (since the EMAs are decided by fan votes) when she went on stage to accept her awards. However, less than two hours before she was to appear on the red carpet, MTV notified her team and said that because not all of the winners from the other continents were present, Jane and the other Worldwide Act winners would have to accept their awards backstage.

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Jane Zhang Announces Relationship with Boyfriend of 12 Years

Jane Zhang and Michael Feng announce relationship

During her Bang the World tour, Jane Zhang suddenly announced that she was in a relationship with Michael Feng (Feng Ke), the CEO of Show City Times, which is Jane’s management company. The two have been together for 12 years.

While in Changsha on July 4, Jane surprised everyone, including her boyfriend, with an unplanned announcement. “From when I was 18 years old to 30 years old, I haven’t been waiting,” she said, referring to her song “Finally Waited for You” (终于等到你), which she had just finished singing. “Because there is a person who has always been by my side.”

Jane then explained that she had originally wanted to go public with their relationship in 2005, the same year she competed in Super Girl (超级女声), but Michael was against the idea, because he didn’t want the news to negatively affect her nascent singing career. Now that 10 years have passed and she is nearing her 31st birthday, Jane felt that now was the perfect time to make her announcement.

“I don’t want to be alone anymore,” she declared. “You’ve all been with me in the 10 years since my debut, and so has this person. I’ve already thought it through. If you’re willing to marry me, then come on stage.”

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Jane Zhang’s new song and random news

While Jane’s busy doing various things (she’s in Tokyo right now?), her company Show City Times is releasing its first album for Super Boy Wang Zhengliang late this month. Not a big fan of him, but he’s from our favorite Music Conservatory and has a good voice.

More interestingly, Super Girl Pan Chen is joining Show City soon. It’s uncertain she’ll sign a record or management contract, but at least we know she’s not in the girl group.

Yu Kewei was a little faster and signed record contracts with Rock Records this week. She was promised an album in 100 days, which means she’ll probably be the second 2009 Super Girl to release a new album. Listen to a new song by the first album releaser Zeng Yike here.

A day later, Li Yuchun also signed with Rock Records for releases outside of mainland. Does that make Yu Kewei her elder? Her latest album “Li Yuchun” will be released in Taiwan late this month. Her second self-composed/written/directed MV has also been released.