Tang Yan, Luo Jin’s upcoming romance drama The Way We Were releases trailer

The Princess Weiyoung costars and real-life couple Tang Yan and Luo Jin are in the last stages of filming for The Way We Were, an upcoming Romeo and Juliet-esque romance drama that focuses on the lives of international students in the US.

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Abe Tsuyoshi and Shi Ke Finally Wed in Beijing


While they completed their marriage registration in April, the Japanese F4 member Abe Tsuyoshi (Li Zhendong), 27,  and his bride, Chinese actress, Shi Ke, 29, finally held a ceremony in Beijing (holding the ceremony that long after the registration is common in China). Abe is part Chinese, born in Heilongjiang  and studied for one year at Beijing Film Academy and has acted in both China and Japan. They met when both cast for the 2007 movie, Stand in Love, which was produced by famous Taiwanese ballad singer Jeff Chang and directed by up-and-coming young Taiwanese director Chen Yingrong. Both attended the ceremony, and acted as their witnesses.

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