Marvel’s Shang-Chi Dream Cast

Alternatively, how about all of them as Shang-chi since he can multiply.

Given that Cfensi got its  top choice for Disney’s Mulan, let’s do some dream cast for Shang-chi, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first lead Asian superhero (unless The Eternals miraculously cast an Asian). Shang-chi is a master of wushu who was born in Hu’nan and moved to NYC.  He is half-white  and looks just like Bruce Lee in the comics, but MCU probably has plenty of of freedom in terms of what age and exact background he’ll be. There’s also a bunch of Chinese characters who could be in the film.

Who would you like to see cast?  Leave a comment and I’ll add them to the polls.  My current list including young-ish actors who either have martial arts backgrounds or who look the part and are “American/Canadian/etc” since Hollywood seems to be averse to casting people of Chinese nationality given Mulan and Crazy Rich Asians.