Zhongguofeng girlband Seven Sense is back

Known for their zhongguofeng dances, girlband Seven Sense is probably mainland’s most popular girlband in the past decade.

Girlband Seven Sense 七朵组合  is back with new single Green Snake 青蛇, a homoerotic reinterpretation of the Legend of the White Snake, whose romance began with borrowing an umbrella.  Although it’s been three years and they’re two member down, their new release is still a  signature Zhongguofeng pop song and dance with a practice room MV that’s more promising than their actual MV. At least it’s an improvement on their previous MV’s. 

What do you think? Will they stay this time?    


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Music Monday: Girl Power

Some songs  I’ve been listening to :

  • Julia Wu’s 底线 Baseline by my favorite Chinese rnb producer terrytyelee
  • Miss Ko’s  English rap Started From Scratch. I hope she comes out with an all-English album like Joanna Wang.
  • Chen Li’s indie folk 奇妙能力歌 Mystical Powers Song with gorgeous lyrics
  • Chinese dance pop group Seven Sense 七朵组合 ‘s comeback single Green Snake 青蛇
  • Jiang Yingrong’s Why Not, mostly for how great she looks in the MV
  • Jeno Liu ft Bryan Rice’s Chinese and English duet Warrior
  • Meng Jia’s 给我乖 Drip from her first EP after leaving Miss A
  • Liu Qianyu’s bubbly Soda 
  • Li Sidanni wears the pants in her duet with Aifei, Bad Girls Need Love Too
  • Huang Luziying’s cute Ugly Duckling 美小鴨  MV

Music Monday: Battle of the Bands

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

I know, I know, we’ve been behind on music, but real life is full of White Pears  鸭梨 (Pressure).  To make it up, here are some new releases from boybands(Top Combine, M.I.C., Uniq), girlbands(Seven Sense), normal bands (Mayday), and ex-band members (Han Geng, JL’s Jason, RTA’s Liu Junling, and Da Zhang Wei).


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Music Monday: December 23, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

This Music Monday include: Newage pianist Vanros Kloud (V.K克), actor-turn-sing-turn-MC Ray Zhang Rui, the beautiful Jikejuanyi (吉克隽逸), cute little Zhou Ziyan, the powerful vocal of Huang Qishan, comedian acapella party group Panda Bros, glam rock band Lilith, zhong guo feng girl group Seven Sense trying something new, underage boys and girls from TF Family and Blog Girls.

Jin Zhiwen (金志文) and Guan Zhe (关喆) – Old Friends Diary.
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Five Tones of Seven Sense

Zhong Guo Feng girl group Seven Sense continues their praise and reverence for Tang scholars in this new single Five Tones 宫商角徵羽*. This new single incorporated Peking Opera, an important but fading part of the Chinese artistic heritage. Like their previous single, the lyrics draws its inspiration from Chinese idiom and Classic Poetry. The best part of the lyric is that it’s written by the youngest member Liu Muzi (21).

Watch the performance version of the song below.
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Seven Sense Turn Jade to Smoke


Seven Sense teased fans with the practice version of their new single Jade to Smoke (玉生烟) a few weeks ago, has final revealed the single’s MV. The meaning behind the song is based on a famous poem, known as Jin Se (锦瑟) in the Three Hundred Tang Poems, by the 9th century poet Li Shangyin (李商隐).

The new single’s composition, choreography, and costume are produced by the same team behind Seven Sense’s debut single Spring Chant. Like their previous singles, Jade to Smoke incorporates tradition Chinese elements with modern R&B to create Seven Sense’s own unique Zhong Guo Feng sound. From the use to piano and guzheng in the intro to the mellow poetic rap, the group smoothly blended traditional eastern and contemporary western sound.

I do realize this MV was release a while ago, however, I had planned to translate the lyrics. But after many failed attempts, I must admit that my translation skill is just not at a level where I fully translate these poetic words. Go below the cut for individual concept photos. Continue reading