Film Composer San Bao Comes Back After Two Years to the Stage

This is perhaps an article where few others would care, but I couldn’t let this pass under the radar. Composer San Bao two years ago fell seriously ill. Since then, he’s been inactive, regaining his health, but it’s been announced that he was planning on making a return to the art scene, by staging a symphonic concert at Henan. San Bao is known for scoring Zhang Yimou’s Not One Less and The Road Home as well as several theme songs, including Jin Fen Shi Jia‘s An Xiang.

Some San Bao: Music from the Road Home (in the form of a ZZY montage bc it was the only thing I found on youtube – sorry!)

I always thought it was such a shame that he had health problems right at the cusp of China’s film boom. Because tv and film composers develop later than the film industry, China’s in a desperate  need for composers. He says he will concentrate on musical theater now, and does not plan to write for tv or film anymore, but I hope he reconsiders . Overall, I’m just excited he’s back.