Music Monday: April 8, 2013

994_wpm_hiresMusic Monday is one of the new “themed posts” we’ll be starting on Cfensi. It is a collection of music related videos that caught our attention during the week. The collection ranges from audio or MV to competition performance to choreography. These posts will be open thread so feel free to share your favorites in the comment section.

Lets start with something light…

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S.P.Y is ready to “Shake” it up

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They don’t appear very formidable offstage…

After more than a year long hiatus S.P.Y is back with two new singles, “Say you love me” and “Shake” in the new year. The former KOD5 Champions are known for their wide range of dance skills, which is why I’m so disappointed with the MV for “Shake”. This dance track would’ve been a great opportunity to showcase the group’s strong dance background, and differentiate them from all the cutsey girl groups. But as you can see the girls spend most of the time just sitting there. Perhaps once they begin appearing on shows we’ll be able to see the full choreography?

S.P.Y – “SHAKE” Official MV HD

Tian Hao Family wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Tian Hao Family recently did a Christmas shot with their artists Hou Xian, HIT-5, Sara and upcoming girlband S.P.Y. Watch S.P.Y. perform their new song here. Hou Xian’s EP “Baby Face” will be released at the end of the month. Listen to the cute song, a la urasiansourceCpop2 below and see the individual Christmas shots under the cut.

P.S. HIT-Studio released new bloopers of the eeMedia New Year MV on their tudou page.
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