Web drama adaption of Detective Chinatown releases first trailer

Supervised and written by the Detective Chinatown film series’ director Chen Sicheng, the web drama version stars Roy Qiu as a private investigator. Janine Chang, Chen Zheyuan, Cheng Xiao and Deng Enxi costar. The 12 episode series will revolve around four cases, all set in different locations and directed by different up-and-coming directors.

Wang Baoqiang and Xiao Yang reprise their roles from the film series.

Dong Jie, Roy Chiu, Zhai Tianlin star in The Family

Dong Jie proves that you can sell the poor girl – rich boss story even at 38.

When disgruntled noodle shop owner (Li Liqun) threatens to take his three adult children to court, they agree to a list of requirements as a settlement. These include calling him every day, going on blind dates, and living at home for periods of time.  Siblings (Dong Jie, Roy Qiu, and Ren Yunjie) must navigate their own lives and find true love while sharing one bathroom between seven people in the house.

The oldest, played by Dong Jie, is a 35-year-old head secretary who plans to never get married. When her boss’s son (Zhai Tianlin)  returns from abroad, he quickly assumes that she’s having an affair with his dad while she decides he’s a pervert.  The bickering pair fights their way to love as he manages to demote her to become his secretary, while she becomes his landlord. (more…)

Weibo Wednesday: August 21, 2013

The dreaded question has arisen… who is cuter: Nicky Wu, or a Despicable Me Minion dressed like Nicky? For those who are wondering, the first one is Emperor Yongzheng from Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心), now immortalized at Madame Tussauds, and the second is Zhan Lang from To Advance Toward the Victory (向着胜利前进).

吴奇隆TD: 偷圖的又來了

The one who steals photos has come back


Weibo Wednesday: June 19, 2013

陈学冬cheney: 拍完小时代我们都吃胖了。。。

You may have thought that the Tiny Times (小时代) movie cast was filled with ridiculously good-looking people, but it turns out they were actually all sumo wrestlers in disguise… Just kidding! This is just Chen Xuedong, Kai Ko, Rhydian Vaughan, and Xie Yilin putting in an appearance on Happy Camp. What shenanigans are they up to this time? Check out the episode when it airs on June 22nd.

After filming Tiny Times, we all became fat from eating…


“Wine Beauty” ft. cast from Mainland/TW/HK

Wine Beauty Cast Wine Beauty Cast
Never expected this cast

Wine Beauty tells the story of the new successor to a wine dynasty, Chen Yiman (Myolie Wu), and her struggle to keep the family business going and prove her worth. She falls in love and marries Zhao Xi (Mao Zijun of Qing Shi Huang Fei) only to be left at the altar by him. During this time Zhao Xi’s first love Lin Xuan (Li Sheng) appears in town looking for him. As luck would have it, instead of meeting her boyfriend, she literally runs into Chen Zihao (Roy Chiu). Now a lead singer of a rock & roll band, Chen Zihao, gave up his inheritance to his cousin Chen Yiman to pursue his love of music. With so much entanglement how will this end?

Watch trailer and view character poster below.

Li Sheng and casts celebrates Chinese New Year

When the 4th Prince and his granddaughter teams up for a new drama …

Li Sheng is celebrating Chinese New Year all over the place, first with Mickey He for currently airing drama Qing Cheng Jue Lian倾城绝恋 , and then with her new cast of Roy Qiu, Myolie Wu and Mao Zijun for currently filming drama Wine Beauty 美酒俏佳人. It’s rare for a mainland actress to be the lead with a really famous HK/TW actress as the supporting actress, so while I actually do like Myolie, I’m pleasantly surprised.



Chinese Celebrities When They Were Young

I said I would do a special fun post in exchange for someone making my banner when site hit 10,000. Well, here it is as promised, although nobody ever made me a banner. :( This is still incomplete…I don’t have a few people in here, and I wanted to put an after pic of everyone, but I got way too tired of that so I only put some for some people I didn’t think people would know (like all the mainland guys apparently), but eventually I will update this and make it the most comprehensive Chinese celeb baby picture list ever.

Love or hate her, you’ve got to admit Liu Yifei was one of the most adorable children ever.

More of cute adorable children behind the cut. I think it’s really rare for Chinese people to do plastic surgery (as of now) so this won’t be one of those “spot the differences” posts. This took a lot of time and effort to put together, so PLEASE DO NOT COPY AND POST ANYWHERE ELSE, w/o permission.