Promo round-up: The Prince of Babylon time travels to modern China in Dear Diary

Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 tells of the romance between a prince from Babylon (Rhydian Vaughan) and a young woman from the 21st century (Bu Guanjin). The secondary couples are played by Tiffany Hsu x Zhou You and Wang Ruichang x Zhu Yanmanzi.

After watching the trailer, I think it may be a campy and fun watch.

The drama releases 2 episodes every Monday to Wednesday on Youku and iQiyi beginning tonight.

Teaser 1

Photoshoot Friday: Nostalgia

This Photoshoot Friday is late, but…doesn’t Rhydian Vaughan make up for it? He’s in a shoot with Qi Xi. Also, there’s Zhang Meng and Du Ruoxi rocking the crimson lipstick, and Yang Rong looking adorable in all black. Zhang Xinyi is as stylish as ever, sporting various daring outfits; meanwhile, and Joe Chen is the “cute” type of retro (she has crimson lipstick too, oops). There’s also Yuan Shanshan in black and white, and Wang Fei (p.s, she’s kind of back together with Nicholas Tse?) making a magazine cover. Continue reading

Amber Kuo, Rhydian Vaughan Embark on “One Road of Surprises”

They did have insanely good chemistry in Tiny Times

If you wanted to see more of Amber Kuo and Rhydian Vaughan together after the first two Tiny Times films, you’re not the only one. The two will appear together in the currently filming movie One Road of Surprises (一路惊喜), portraying a couple that’s been together for the past seven years.

One Road of Surprises will focus on six stories happening on Lunar New Year’s Eve, with each of the protagonists attempting to realize their New Year’s wishes. Although filming has been going on for almost half a year, not much information has been released so far, and the media was only recently allowed on set to watch a scene in which Rhydian climbs over from a neighboring balcony in order to rescue Amber and their cat from their burning residence.

Thus far, four of the stories have completed filming, and it is rumored that the sixth and final story will feature a mysterious husband-wife combination. Since Fan Bingbing starred in director-screenwriter Eva Jin‘s previous two movies, Sophie’s Revenge and One Night Surprise, some suspect that Bingbing will form one half of the mystery duo, or at least deliver a cameo, but the director said they’ll publicize the news in due time.

One Road of Surprises is expected to open in theaters around the Lunar New Year season next year, so check out some more cute photos of Amber and Rhydian in the meantime.

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Yang Mi returns for “Tiny Times 3.0”

Amber Kuo’s princess is officially back!

Yang Mi will reprise her role as Lin Xiao in Tiny Times 3.0 (小时代3), the third installment of author/director Guo Jingming‘s series, which is set to air in summer 2014. Most of our favorites from the first two movies will be returning, with the unfortunate exception of Rhydian Vaughan, who will be replaced by Vivian Dawson. Tiny Times 3.0 will also introduce two new male characters, both of whom are related to Amber Kuo‘s Gu Li. Check out the complete cast listing behind the cut.

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“Tiny Times 3.0” set for Summer 2014


Although you didn’t know it before, Tiny Times 3.0 is actually about  Hannibal the cannibal’s adventures in China.

Writer-director Guo Jingming recently announced on Weibo that productions for Tiny Times 3.0 will begin production in December, probably with the same cast. The film is set to be in theaters in Summer 2014.   One interesting note is that the subtitle is “Age of Piercing Gold,” the name of the third book, implying that this might be the end of a trilogy rather than a quadrilogy as previously thought since the second film is based on Tiny Times 1.5  rather than Tiny Times 2.0 the book.

Last year, when I first decided to be a director, I asked everyone:’After so many years, those of you who like Tiny Times, are you still here? Do you still love (it)?’ This year,I may have to ask once more. It’s because 《Tiny Times 3.0 : Age of Piercing Gold》 begins production in December. Next summer, let the future explode once more. #Tiny Times 3.0#, youth never departs.

Weibo Wednesday: August 28, 2013

刘亦菲: 感谢这么多的祝福和爱,朋友 家人 和所有爱我的人,我的影迷 and also thank my Thai fans, I’ve watched the birthday video,lots of love in it! Thank u guys

August 25th was Crystal Liu Yifei‘s birthday (she’s 26!), so Weibo was filled with costars, friends, and fans wishing her the best. Here she is with an adorable birthday cake with ducks on it. Why her fans didn’t pick kittens is beyond me, but ducks are cute too.

Thank you friends, family, and all of those who love me, my fans, for all of these blessings and love, and also thank my Thai fans, I’ve watched the birthday video,lots of love in it! Thank u guys

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Guo Jingming: I’m the Chinese dream of these Times

Looks familiar? The Christmas scene from the movie is filmed at no other than Guo Jingming's condo.

Looks familiar? The Christmas scene from the movie is filmed at no other than Guo Jingming’s condo.

Author-publisher-director Guo Jingming sits down with Sina‘s Chen Yiyi to discuss his version of the Chinese Dream, what it means to be an idol,  the attacks on him and his works, and  his visions for his foray into film. Translations of selected parts by me. Random gif’s of unknown origin included.

One of Guo Jingming’s alter egos in the film, played by Chen Xuedong.

“I embody a part of their dream.””

Sina: The main audience of 《Tiny Times》 , those born after ’85, these youths, what characterizes them?
Guo Jingming: The biggest focal point is the pursuit of individuality.  Our parents seek similarities in lifestyles, the same type of pants, same haircut, same food in the same cafeteria.  But today, the lifestyles of the youth are of all types: you might like tattoos, and I like nose rings; you like rock, I like classical music.  People are different, everyone’s a unique individual. There isn’t a “generation of people.” I think only under a twisted societal environment would there be the idea of “a generation of people” or “a group of people.”.

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Weibo Wednesday: August 14, 2013

Apologies for being so MIA with Weibo Wednesday recently! Luckily, Weibo posts can be enjoyed whenever and wherever, so here’s a look at some posts from the past month or so. First up we have Yang Mi and Ma Tianyu, who became sisters-of-sorts while filming Gu Jian Qi Tan (古剑奇谭).

杨幂: 曾经再熟悉的绯闻情侣也抵不住终有一日我们成了姐妹花[可怜]

Even the most familiar rumored couple cannot resist our becoming sisters one day

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Photoshoot Friday: August 9, 2013

 photo 704_1051238_755372_zpsa2125290.jpg

Zhang XInyi looks like she belongs in a romantic painting in her stunningly gorgeous photoshoot, and has accordingly won the cover photo for this week. Meanwhile Feng Shaofeng takes on an air of mystery for L’Officiel Hommes. Zhang Lanxin models swimsuits by the beachin a color saturated BAzaar shoot by the beach, while Ma Su takes a more black and white approach to her photoshoot. Actress JIng Tian goes for slightly more color. Rounding off this week’s Photoshoot Friday is Rhydian Vaughan, who relaxes only a little bit from his suit-bedecked character of Ting Times. Look below the cut for pictures! Continue reading

“Tiny Times 2” releases dark poster, trailer


Darkness has no bounds, but does their friendship?

If you watched Tiny Times 1 and thought the series was a teen comedy, you’re wrong. From drug rape to drug dealing, from bullying to blackmailing, part II turns all the seemingly innocuous jokes of part I into reality. And if all goes to plan, the 3rd movie will become a even darker business intrigue per the second book.  Finishing off the book Tiny Times 1.0, the second of the Tiny Times films airs this week, and has released some more gorgeous posters and trailers.

The trailer below for Tiny Times 2, which airs in mainland China today.