Revive is China’s biggest budgeted BL drama yet

Unlike Nirvana in Fire, Revive clearly hasn’t shy’ed away from its canon ship.

Revive is probably the highest-budgeted BL drama so far in China. The cinematography looks nice, the lighting is super bright, there’s plenty of profile shots, and Xu Haiqiao and Han Chae-youn are really pretty.  It’s clear the drama is definitely selling the multiple BL ships in the drama, although I don’t know how far they’ll go (the published book remained mostly platonic, the online version had sex scenes).

The series stars Ma Ke, Xu Haiqiao, Zhang XinyuHan Chae-youn, and Pong Nawat Kulrattanarak, and airs once a week on Tencent.  You can watch it  on Youtube here.


Revive: Superstar has a five-star teaser

Finally, a teaser
Finally, a teaser that isn’t just a smash-up of spoilers.

Based on the book of the same name, Revive: SuperStar  重生之名流巨星 tells of a struggling actor’s reincarnation as an younger artist (Ma Ke) and his path to stardom.  On the way he is helped by his agent and lover (Xu Haiqiao), a seasoned actor  (Pong Nawat), a female actress who fakes a relationship with him ( Zhang Xinyu), and one who fakes a marriage with him (Han Chae-young).

I love that they actually put effort into the teaser, and the cinematography is a huge step-up from most idol dramas.   Unfortunately, I’m going to guess this is going to be the second drama after Nirvana in Fire to break up the canon couple and force the male lead to have a heterosexual one.    Neither is it the latest one, since that honor goes to Ma Ke, Qiao Zhenyu, and Zhang Xinyu’s Song of Phoenix.