Chen Xiao, Chen Xiang sing for Romance of the Condor Heroes

The Chen family may have taken over RoCH, but the Yang family has now added Zhao Liying and Michelle Chen to the growing list of family members like Liu Yifei, Liu Shishi, and Yang Mi

Who knew that Chen Xiao could sing so well? I think I’m starting to be touched by Chen Xiao’s undying love for fanboying Liu Xin, or maybe just his voice.   The Chen Xiao-Liu Xin duet, as well as more of the OST from Chen Xiang, Michelle Chen, and Zhang Jie, below. The series premiers Wednesday night on Hunan TV.


Gong Li poses for L’Officiel, reunites with Zhang Yimou for new film “Return”

The only picture in the set where she’s almost smiling.

After seven years, Gong Li (the original Mou girl) and the director Zhang Yimou will work together for a new film, 归来 Return. She plays the female lead opposite Chen Daoming. The movie is based off of one of Yan Geling’s novels, The Criminal Lu Yanshi. Chen Daoming plays a man with a doctorate degree from America, whereas Gong Li is his cousin and wife by arranged marriage. He is imprisoned during the backlash against the Hundred Flowers Campaign.

Previously, Zhang Yimou had adapted one of Yan Geling’s novellas into the Flowers of War. (Xiuxiu: The Sent Down Girl was also adapted from one of Yan’s novels). Filming for the movie started on September 16th. Look below the cut for more pictures from Gong LI’s photoshoot with L’Officiel.  (more…)