Flashback: “The Blue Lotus”


It’s not often that actors retweet slash MV‘s of themselves, so when I saw Lu Yi and Ren Quan having an entire conversation reminiscing their friendship over The Blue Lotus 花样的年华 (cut version here and full version here), I immediately went and watched the series.  The Republican era series, featuring custom made couture suits that made the two leads look oh-so-handsome, director-approved shipping, and a compelling heterosexual romance,  is definitely worth a watch.  Also, it uses original voices!

Produced by Zhang Yibai, The Blue Lotus co-stars the two’s classmates at the Shanghai Drama Academy, Lu Yi’s wife Bao Lei and Ren Quan’s best friend Li Bingbing, as the two’s respective female love interests. Incidentally, all of the four leads were on Hunan TV today, with Li Bingbing and Ren Quan on Tian Tian Xiang Shang, and Lu Yi and Bao Lei on Where are we going? Dad.

Really low-qualitied but beautiful opening theme: 

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Weibo Wednesday: January 29, 2014

Chinese New Year is coming up! What have our favorite celebs been up to in the two weeks leading up to this important holiday?

王力宏: 介紹一對餅乾夫妻給大家認識

First off, we have the result from Wang Leehom and wife Lee Jinglei‘s baking session… aren’t they cute? Maybe all the recently announced and/or married show biz couples should just get together one day and bake cookies. :P

Introducing a cookie couple to everyone.

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“Realm of Love” shows off its fresh blood, guest stars


Mini Yuan Hong,  Ruby Lin, and  Kenny Kwan, get them while they’re young!

Ruby Lin’s “Realm of Love: The Long Ballad released another set of stills with its guest stars, including Qi Wei, Ma Tianyu, Ren Quan, and the adorable young versions of  the lead characters played by Zhang Chenghang (Yuan Hong), Yang Zhiwen (Ruby Lin), and Zheng Yecheng (Kenny Kwon).

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Wedding of the year for Lin Dan,Xie Xingfang

He fell in love with her at first sight when he was only 14 and she 16. The first time they talked was during a mixed training five years later. He lost to her in a 2-0 match that day.

When there’s a special edition Li-ning shoe just for the wedding, you know it has to be big.

After so many actor/actress weddings, this one is surprisingly the one filled with the best shots of all the participants.   From the absolutely dreamy setting to the way-too-good-looking best men and bridesmaids to  the cuteness of the couple, a look at badminton world champions Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang’s wedding. Continue reading

“The Myth” Drama Version Theme Songs

A while back it was announced that Jackie Chan was producing a drama version of his movie The Myth, and picked Hu Ge to play his part. Hu Ge’s probably sick of ancient dramas at this point, but it’s hard to say no to a Jackie Chan offer (just ask Wang Leehom!). Bai Bing takes over the main female character in the drama, and together she and Hu Ge continue the tradition of singing the lovely themesong. over again.

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