Ren Jialun, Janine Chang cast as leads in upcoming undercover-cop drama

Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 is an upcoming drama series that stars Ren Jialun (The Destiny of White Snake) as a police officer who is given a dangerous undercover mission. Janine Chang (Here to Heart) plays his love interest Ou Kexin, a wilful fashion designer and the drug kingpin’s daughter.

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Promo Round-up: The Destiny of White Snake

This is such a pretty and unique poster color scheme!

Fantasy romance series The Destiny of White Snake comes out today. Yang Zi  play a cute white snake spirit practicing to reach enlightenment, but falls in love with deity Ren Jialun before she could.

The series airs two episodes a day on Mondays to Thursdays on iQiyi here and on Youtube here.

Videos:  Long trailer ;  Stills;  Opening theme by Richie Jen ; Ending theme by He Jie ; Insert song by Jin Zhiwen and Jikejunyi below.

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Two teasers for Ren Jialun, Tan Songyun’s Beneath the Brocade Robes

The silent film teaser for Beneath the Brocade Robes describes Lu Yi (Ren Jialun) as a shrewd secret police officer / jinyiwei who has formidable martial arts skills. On the other hand, the tomboyish Yuan Jinxia (Tan Songyun) is a poor constable of Liushanmen who is barely capable of protecting herself from bandits.

10 second teaser of the OTP

Seems like the YouTube trailers keep getting taken down, so here it is on Bilibili.

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The Destiny of White Snake releases long trailer

Here’s the first trailer for The Destiny of White Snake, a re-imagination of the popular Chinese legend about a thousand-year old snake demon who falls in love with a human. Yang Zi (Legend of the Dragon Pearl) and Ren Jialun (Glory of Tang Dynasty) play a white snake spirit (what’s with the cartoon CGI?) and a deity respectively, who fall in love and are subsequently banished to the mortal world.

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Yang Zi, Ren Jialun, Mao Zijun in Legend of the White Snake remake

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There have been at least a dozen remakes or spin-offs of the popular legend over the years, and this latest one has taken on the title of Heaven’s Prophecy: Legend of the White Snake 天乩之白蛇传说 (there’s only so many combinations you can use).

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The Glory of Tang Dynasty to be released

Augh!!  There’s WAY too much stuff that has come out for this drama in the last couple weeks.

The Glory of Tang Dynasty 大唐荣耀 continues to drum up to its release on January 29th with a whole mess of theme songs, a long trailer, Promos, posters, images, etc.  Starring Jing Tian, Wan QianRen Jialun, and Shu Chang, character posters for those interested.

More below the cut.

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More stills for The Glory of Tang Dynasty

Despite 2016 being a bit of a disappointment due to everybody’s standards being raised to unbelievable heights by epic productions (the standard of which will likely be raised further in 2017 given dramas already on the production line), I have to say that 2016 was the year that the bar for the AVERAGE drama’s bar was raised greatly in terms of production standards. The next step will be to raise the average drama’s bar in story-telling, not just production standards.

The Glory of Tang Dynasty 大唐荣耀 has released a slurry of stills leading up to the projected January 29th release.  Starring Jing TianWan QianRen Jialun, and Shu Chang, more images for people looking forward to this production.

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