“I only want to be your supporting actor” – the story of Zhang Yunlei and Yang Jiulang

“When I was in the Intensive Care Unit, he promised me … ‘ In the future, whatever makes you happy, whatever you want to do, go do it and  I’ll follow you.’ ” – Zhang Yunlei

Yang Jiulang kept his word.  According to a director of a variety show,  in the two years since Zhang Yunlei came out of the ICU, Yang Jiulang completely molded himself to fit Zhang Yunlei.

He would wheel him around in a wheelchair off stage and be his crutch on stage.  He would stay up until 3am waiting for word that Zhang Yunlei got home safely from filming.   He doesn’t even hand Zhang Yunlei water without first unscrewing the cap. He almost never sings but knows the lyrics to every song Zhang Yunlei sings on stage.  If Zhang Yunlei wants him to sing, all Zhang Yunlei has to do was to stop mid-sentence and look to the left, and Yang Jiulang will finish his sentence without missing a beat.

From love at first meal, two miraculous comebacks, learning to walk three times,  to plenty of foreshadowing and climaxes, the story of singer-comedian Zhang Yunlei and his partner Yang Jiulang unfolds as if it were a carefully constructed drama. Zhang Yunlei’s life story is a miracle in itself, but the story of their journey together is a fitting parallel plot.

*warning* Because they’re comedians, everything they say is a lie or a hyperbole.   I will try to stick to off-stage interviews here, but I hold no responsibility for recounting lies they fed me.

“If fate be willing, we will be together “


Weibo Wednesday: Relationships Edition

In addition to the three pairs mentioned before, also joining the relationship train are official acknowledgments of relationships for Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han, Jiang Xin and Ye Zuxin, Qiao Zhenyu, and Wang Luodan.

张翰: 小怪物回家啦乐得

Zhang Han finally posts a photo of him and Zheng Shuang together after their Meteor Shower days, showing the two of them visiting Disney World together. Although… you can’t really tell that they’re at Disney World. They could be at a random park, for all we know. At least get Mickey in the background next time, kiddos.

Finally going home, little monster! ;b So happy!  :D :D :D


Zheng Shuang Talks Plastic Surgery & Zhang Han


Plastic Surgery and Relationship Status, two topics celebrities can’t avoid quick enough and tabloid can’t get enough of. For years, fans have been waiting for some type of straight forward confirmation or denial on the Han Shuang relationship. Finally, after years of ambiguity regarding her relationship with Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang decided to tackle two of the most feared topics in the entertainment industry in one go.

Why would she do such a thing? Maybe it’s like Zheng Shuang says in the interview:

I think it’s due to the difference in time period/generation. Based on my age and experience, I don’t regard [plastic surgery] as a secret or private matter. I think this is something that can be talked about openly.

And she does. Nothing (seems to be) off-limit in her sit-down interview with sina. Zheng Shuang openly talked about her relationship with Zhang Han and her recent plastic surgery rumors. (more…)

Lu Yi and Bao Lei explains true love


One of the most flawless love stories in the entertainment world, translated by the wonderful dbskholic. Thank you so much!

When asked the question of ‘How do you comprehend love?’ Lu Yi thought deeply from a very long time before giving a response of ‘when you miss someone.’ He added to that by saying, ‘when you leave you’ll start to miss her even if it was just for one day, I believe that this is love.’

Having been together for almost a decade, Lu Yi still feels very reluctant when leaving Bao Lei to go to work. He starts that, whenever he leaves Shanghai to go to work, he will start to feel grieved when he check in every time at the airport. Every time he finishes work the first person he will call will be Bao Lei saying, ‘I will come home tomorrow’, and she’ll respond by saying, ‘really? That’s great, I’ve missed you’. He believes that this is true love.


Falling in love with the most beautiful sun

If you notice him, you’ll definitely be moved by his voice, you’ll fall in love with him.

– Xie Na

The most beautiful sun – Zhang Jie

From the “servant girl in every movie” to one of the most popular hosts in China, Xie Na’s new book recounts her years of struggle in Beijing. In it, she also tells the story of Zhang Jie, the most controversial Super Boy of 2007, and one with a voice that touched her heart:

The first time Zhang Jie held a concert, I was scared, but as soon as I entered, I felt overwhelmed. The seats were filled, even the aisles were crowed; everything around me was blue. After watching the concert, I was again surprised. When the whole stadium sang “The most beautiful sun” together with him, my eyes were wet.I think he has a musician’s spirit: he loves music and he loves singing more than anything else. You can stop him from doing anything, but you can never stop him from singing.