Alan’s new single first on Oricon Charts

On April 12th, Alan’s new single River of Eternity placed first on the Oricon’s Singles Chart, successfully beating Faye Wong’s record as the most highly ranked Chinese artist on the Oricon Charts.  River of Eternity is the Japanese theme song to Red Cliff, and the single includes both the Chinese and Japanese versions of the previous songs.

Alan was so happy that she shed tears of joy. At the same time, she was very humble, crediting her success to that of Red Cliff.

River of Eternity, Japanese version:
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Feng Xiaogang and John Woo on the future of Chinese Cinema

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The above posters are for two Chinese movie that set new precedents in China this year. The one the left is Feng Xiaogang’s If You Are The One, which according to Variety, finally took away the title of “highest-grossing movie in China” from Titanic, and brought it back home. The on the right, John Woo’s Red Cliff didn’t do too shabby either, becoming the 43rd highest grossing movie world-wide of 2008, only second to Ponyo on the Cliff (Hayao Miyazaki’s latest) in terms of Asian films.

Both gave thoughts on the future of Chinese cinema. Actually while John Woo talked about presenting Chinese culture with Hollywood production values, Feng Xiaogang, who doesn’t have a career in Hollywood to worry about, was far less diplomatic, and flat out said, “We don’t need a foreign market at all, and in five years, our market will be too big to be overlooked” and then gave lots of statistics for support on how China is gaining on Hollywood.

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