Raymond Lam, Dilraba fight crime in Department Six

I’m starting to feel like there is an unhealthy attachment between the costume designer and shoulder tassels…

Department Six has released more stills.  Starring Raymond Lam, Dilraba, and Alex Fong, those looking forward to this drama can get a better look.

More stills below the cut.

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Department Six releases stills

Crazy amounts of tassels: one of the best way to show that you are an impractical spender.

Department Six, starring Raymond Lam, Dilraba, Alex FongYing HaomingGuo RuixiHuang WenhaoHe Zhonghua, and Li Dongheng, has released more stills.  After seeing these stills, I have to say I seem to be feeling a bit better about this drama.

More stills below the cut.

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Department Six releases trailer

Following in the trend of Ming dynasty secret police dramas comes Department Six, starring Raymond Lam, Dilraba, Alex FongYing HaomingGuo RuixiHuang WenhaoHe Zhonghua, and Li Dongheng.

More stills and spoilers (WARNING: At the end of the post) below the cut.

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Wei Zifu to show off color-coordinated costumes on August 20th

Loving the way the mint flowers on her hair ornament match her outer garment here.

(The Virtuous Queen of Han) Wei Zifu finally announced a release date for the series on Weibo, promising an online broadcast on August 20th – just in time for jjss08 to creep out and freak out impress her new roommate with her adoration for Liu Bingyi’s grandma!  the gorgeous Wei siblings.

Featuring Wang Luodan, Raymond Lam, Jones Xu Zhengxi, Chen Shali, Liu Yinghong, Shen Miao, Shen Tai, and Zhou Liqi, The Virtuous Queen of Han 大汉贤后卫子夫 is looking promising. You can see that thought was put into the costuming – asides from the fact that the embroidery isn’t just printed on the fabric, all the ornaments are coordinated with the clothing (ie, mint flowers in the first still, emerald with emerald in the second still, the peach petals and light green beads in the still for third still…even the gold-brown stone in the fourth still’s hairpiece matches the sleeve’s border…)

Though this might be more reflective of how much time jjss08 has spent admiring the costumes, than how well hair decorations match the clothing in less eye-candy filled productions. More stills below the cut!
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Gossip-Tabloid Stills for Virtuous Queen of Han

Princess Guantao and Empress Chen Jiao discuss where they can add another phoenix to the palace decorations.

I noticed we had a lack of gorgeous stills for upcoming Hong Kong-Mainland co-production Virtuous Queen of Han, starring Raymond Lam, Wang Luodan, Jones Xu Zhengxi, etc., so I decided to fill that gap.

More pictures below the cut.

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“Virtuous Queen of Han” releases trailer


Wang Luodan vs. Ruby Lin, who wears it better?

The upcoming drama with the best Han-dynasty costumes finally releases its trailer, thanks to O for bringing it to my attention! The Virtuous Queen of Han stars Wang Luodan, Raymond Lam, Jones Xu Zhengxi, etc. and is appearing to be a sequel of sorts to Schemes of a Beauty both in plot and costume design, focusing on Empress Dou’s great daughter-in-law Empress Wei Zifu.

Character Stills released for upcoming drama Wei Zifu

 photo 704_1054876_213137_zps7666cdcf.jpg

Monopolizing the love of this womanizing emperor for ten years is no small deal. Neither is being married to a man who would drive his crown prince of thirty years to suicide.

We already saw Wang Luodan cast as Wei Zifu, and now it’s time to introduce the rest of the cast for upcoming drama The Virtuous Queen of Han Wei Zifu. Raymond Lam will play Han Wudi (aka Liu Che), Wei Zifu’s husband and the emperor who expanded the Han empire enormously. According to history, they met at his sister the Princess of Pingyang (Played by Zhou Liqi)’s villa. Wei Zifu and her brother Wei Qing (to become a key general, beginning with Liu Che’s affection for Wei Zifu and cemented by his own talent, played by Shen Tai) were lowly servants in the villa, and with no powerful connections, life for Wei Zifu was difficult in her first years in the palace. Liu Che’s childless first empress, Chen Jiao (played by Shen Miao) detested her, and at one point she and her mother the senior princess of Guantao (Liu Che’s aunt, played by Liu Yinghong) attempted to kidnap Wei Qing (who ended up marrying the Princess of Pingyang). Of course, Liu Che has his own problems too; in his early reign, his Confucianism often butted heads with the Daoism of his grandmother Dou Yifang (remember her, from Ruby Lin’s Schemes of a Beauty? She’s now a grande dame, played by Chen Shali). Throw into the mix a love triangle, with the faithful Duan Hong (fictional, I think, played by Xu Zhengxi) forever in love with this “virtuous empress of the Han dynasty.” Look out for her rags-to-riches story, to be broadcast in 2014.  Continue reading

“Saving General Yang” Releases Posters, Stills, and New Trailer

The real reason everyone wants to see this movie. (But how come we don’t get to see any of the other brothers like this?)

After releasing an international trailer last year, upcoming war movie Saving General Yang (忠烈杨家将) recently released a grittier new trailer, along with promotional posters and stills. The film, which is based on the legend of the Yang family, in which the seven sons brave death to rescue their father, will air on April 4th, which I find depressingly appropriate.

As expected, the trailer is full of fighting and killing and yelling and horses. On average, the crew had to use about 500 horses each day when they were filming. Check out the trailer below, as well as more stills behind the cut:

Trailer for Saving General Yang, thanks to luozhelin @YouTube:

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“Saving General Yang” releases English trailer

With a narration that makes it sound like the opening of a cartoon, and a surprisingly fitting English title, “Saving General Yang” , aka family of hot guys who generally can’t act, released its first international trailer with a semi-comical narration.

The movie stars  Wu Zun, Vic Chou, Li Chen, Fu Xinbo, Raymond Lam, Ady An, Li Qian, Xu Fan, Ekin Cheng, Yu Bo, etc. Watch the trailer below from tableshape@YouTube.