Han Han wants more pay for writers

Han Han deciding whether to shave off more writers' money or Guo Jingming's precious hair.

…and he’s going to start with himself.

Han Han,  national racecar champion, high school dropout, bestseller and the other symbol of the 80’s generation writers, actually agrees with his “archrival” Guo Jingming for once.  Like Guo Jingming, he’s going to start his own literary magazine. In it, he plans to pay writers more money per character than ever. The top half of the submissions will receive 2000 yuan per 1000 characters, and the second half will receive 1000 yuan per 1000 characters(can someone explain to me how this is different from  one yuan per one character?). According to him, this is ten to twenty times the industry average, and twice the amount that the best writers receive from top magazines.

He also suggests a “worst submissions column,” where he’ll pick the two or three worst submissions per column and pay them 250yuan per 1000 characters. To prevent plagiarism, he’ll also pay 500yuan per 1000characters to whoever first finds the plagiarism. And no, you can’t plagiarize under one name and then report yourself under another.

source: Han Han’s blog (more…)