China’s Modern Sky Music Festival Hitting Up NYC This October!

For the first time since it started in 2007, China’s Modern Sky Music Festival is heading out of the country and coming to the US. Managed by the indie label Modern Sky Entertainment, which includes artists such as Carsick Cars and PK14 under its name, it is the largest music festival in China.

International and Chinese artists will be playing on Oct 4th and 5th at New York’s Central Park.

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The 3rd Annual Modern Sky Festival Coming Soon

It’s Chaoyang park time again you guys!!!!! The arrival is ushered in by this year’s poster (they’re always so cool...check out last year’s) which is similar to a a Magritte painting. China’s biggest indie label Modern Sky must be doing really, really well. Last year’s festival didn’t have any foreign acts, but this year is filled with them, and that doesn’t come cheap, not to mention that Modern Sky had already probably spent money organizing the Strawberry Festival this past summer. I will try to post on this once it happens.

For the official website (which also looks cool) click here.

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And sources tell me Bearbiscuit (an awesome band from Xinjiang) was rumored to possibly be playing there. They really should be there.  The song below of theirs is called Silence. /pimping.

Listen to the rest of their album at this youtube channel

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Chinese Indie is Coming to a City Near You!


The cute drummer of Hedgehog

Not near me unfortunately, but some of you guys might be able to see them.

I love Modern Sky too too much. It’s the biggest indie label in China, and not only does it now have two successful indie music festivals in China, but it’s also bringing its acts to the States. Their bands 刺猬 Hedgehog, 赌鬼 Casino Demon, & 后海大鲨鱼 Queen Sea Big Shark are in America for the Sing For China Tour,  to benefit children orphaned by AIDS.

Click here for the tour dates and see if they are going to a city near you. There are also links to download their music on the site.

Here’s a video of Hedgehog. They are one of my favorite Chinese indie bands, simply because they were one of the first I knew of. And because the drummer is adorable. I am so jealous of everyone who can go, and I expect hear your accounts of how it went, because I need to need vicariously through you guys.