Sinology Sunday: April 9, 2017

This week, we move past the Ming dynasty and into the images I have been able to find for the Qing Dynasty with Mr. Chen’s Chinese Photo Studio 陳先生的復古照相館.

The drastic change in clothing style during the Qing dynasty is mostly attributed to the Queue Order which forced Chinese men to adopt the Manchurian hair style and officials to wear Manchu clothing.  This was one of the few Manchu customs that were imposed on the general population.  However, it is notable that the Manchu did in term heavily adopt Chinese customs and become sinicized to the point where the Manchu language is in danger of extinction.  This will be the last imperial dynasty.

More pictures below the cut.

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Sinology Sunday: September 13, 2015

This week, we take look into Qing dynasty clothing.  Since there are more readily available photographs and artifacts from this time period, we thought we would start with some of those.  Also, though there have been some people who make clothing and dress according to that era, it does not seem to be that popular yet and dramas tend to do a better job with the costuming for this time period.  We will start with the photographs.  More pictures below the cut.

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