Xu Kai, Cheng Xiao’s gaming drama finishes filming, releases stills

At this point, will there be any top young actor who hasn’t played a gamer?

Cheng Xiao joins Xu Kai, Yao Chi, R1SE Zhai Xiaowen, Merxat, and Lingchao in yet another rom-com featuring competitive gamers, but this one with both leads as gamers. Falling into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 is produced by New Wave NewStyle Media (The Untamed) and finished up filming this week.

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Gu Jiacheng, Nonkul dive into Plop of Youth

Thai actor Nonkul ( Bad Genius) dives into Chinese drama with synchronized diving drama  Plop of Youth 扑通扑通的青春.  The series focuses on two pairs of divers – retired diving star Jiang Bailong (Gu Jiacheng), Thai exchange student Veet ( Nonkul), and freshman pair Lu Haoran (Sun Weihao) and Tian Lin (Liu Yingquangang) –  as they   try to save their diving team.  Given how shippy synchronized diving is, I’m going to guess this is yet another bromance drama.

The show brought on Olympic gold medalist Lin Yue as a consultant, and it seems like the actors actually went through training based on behind-the-scenes clips.

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