Best of National Treasure Performances

This Tang dynasty relief come to life under Song Jia and co. as they sing of a better life.

Using star power, original songs, and innovative stage performances, variety show National Treasure 国家宝藏 has made artifacts and museums come to life to the audience. A round-up of the best song and dance numbers, with performances from Chen Xiao, Song Jia, Purba Rgyal,   Zhai Tianlin, and Wu Tong.  Embedded videos are set to where the performance starts.

Students from the Beijing Dance Academy perform a dance that perfectly encapsulates the youthful playfulness and grace of young scholars.  Watch the viral practice room version here. If you like this style, I also recommend Zhao Lei, Yan Xujia, and Guo Zifan’s performance of  West Chamber here. I want a boyband with this style of performances.


Chong Er’s Preach starts filming

Despite the generic-looking costumes and funny-sounding name, this story actually does have some historical relevance

Chong Er’s Preach 重耳传 has started filming.  Starring Wang LonghuaZhang HanyunHan ChaeyoungPurba Rgyal, and Zhang Yishan, I still wish for a drama that would better emulate the dress code for the era based on what we know already, although I understand it is hard since the farther you go back, the less evidence there is to work with.

More character posters and (WARNING!) spoilers at the bottom of the post.