Yang Rong, Zhu Yilong “Love for Three Lifetimes”


In addition to being better looking, Zhu Yilong’s Young Master transitions from selfish jerk to a sweetheart, while Pubajia’s Outlaw Leader does the opposite.


If you’re short on dramas,  “Love of Three Lifetimes 情定三生” have surprisingly done really well for a small production with almost no promotions. A switcheroo akin to My Fair Princess, the Republican series has Yang Rong caught between two men, her betrothed young master Zhu Yilong and his outlaw enemy Pubajia,  who want her for themselves and a best friend (Zhang Meng) who is hiding a secret of her own.

Overall a fast-paced and melodramatic drama that should keep you interest, and Yang Rong is always adorable.  P.S. Yu Zheng has indicated interested in a future Zhu Yilong-Yang Rong collaboration.

Pu Bajia’s First Ep will be released in December


Unlike other popular singers A Lan, and Zha Xi Dun Zhu who are ethnically Tibetan, but aren’t technically from Tibet since they came from Sichuan and Yunnan respectively, Pu Bajia is both ethnically Tibetan and from Tibet. He was first discovered by Sherwood Hu, a movie director to play the lead in his movie, Prince of the Himalayas and then gained popularity on the show My Hero where he showed he was very well-rounded, able to dance and sing well, and thus many have waited patiently for him to release his own album, but so far he was busy with acting, and Olympics activities.

Now he is finally preparing for his EP, although he regrets taking time off from schoolwork since he is a second year at Shanghai Drama Institute. Fans caught up with him in the studio as he was recording for his EP, and said that he would sell greatly and brought him chicken soup to protect his throat. He disclosed that his EP would have only four songs though, so that he hoped his fans wouldn’t be disappointed. He previously collaborated with Taiwan’s A-Mei Chang in a duet for her album “Star” and was a guest performer at Wang Leehom’s concert in Shanghai.