Supergirl He Jie is Engaged!!


because you have to make a heart like this when you’re in love =)

Things seems to be progressing very well for the couple a year after going public with their relationship. He Jie and boyfriend He Zi Ming when public with their relationship last year during a press conference for her new album; Mr. Prince Charming walked in carrying a HUGE bouquet of roses. Continue reading

Another successful proposal – Zou Kai v. Zhou Jie

5-time Olympic Champion Zou Kai on his knees for another happy ending.

Gymnast Zou Kai just proposed to his longtime girlfriend Zhou Jie with the help of his fellow gold-medal men’s gymnastics team (how sweet is it that they take Teng Haibin, who had to pull out of the team two days before the Olympics qualifications begun, everywhere they go?) !  It’s about time, considering how his seniors, the 2008 champions Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu and Li Wei were nudging him on TV during their adorable A Date with Luyu interview.

Congrats to the pair!  You can watch the proposal on Bai Bian Da Ka Xiu, where she performs Jolin Tsai’s dance with awesome rhythmic gymnastics moves, below :