Celebrating in Red with The Princess of Orchid Hills

The cover for Northern Zhou’s Vogue magazine for next week.

The Princess of Lanling has released red-costumed stills just in time for Chinese New Year, starring  Zhang HanyunPeng Guanying, and Andy Chen Yi.  These stills give us a closer look at the embroidery and details that go into the grander costumes in this production as well as the backgrounds and filming locations.

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The Princess of Orchid Hills releases second trailer

In order to compete with Twilight, fans are requesting a picture of your face for their Team Lanling Wang and Team Yuwen Yong shirts.

Starring  Zhang HanyunPeng Guanying, and Andy Chen Yi, be prepared for more of the shipping triangle between Yuwen Yong, the Prince of Lanling, and a hopelessly idealistic heroine with The Princess of Lanling‘s new long trailer.  The trailer reveals more about the plot and will hopefully help us better gauge what to expect.

More stills below the cut because we simply can’t resist.

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Zhang Hanyu is decked out gorgeously again for Princess of Orchid Hills

Kuo, I think you mentioned that it seems the stylist liked light colors? They love those of us at Cfensi a lot, and decided to prove us wrong…

Did you think that Zhang Hanyu‘s peacock costume was stunning? There’s more to come. Here’s to a stunning wedding photo shoot from The Princess of Orchid Hills. One wonder who she’s dressed out for: at some point, she marries Yuwen Yong and becomes his empress. There won’t be a shortage of romantic entanglements here; the number one beauty of the Western Qi is Xiao Luoyun (played by Wang Jiexi), the fiancée of the very adorable Prince of Lanling (Andy Yi Chen). Coming on with an unrequited love for Yuwen Yong is Hua Yihan‘s Yan Wan – and on top of that, we’re throwing in the Mongolian Princess Ashina, played by Theresa Fu

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A Prince of Orchid Hills that actually needs a mask

The fairest of them all, even without cross-dressing?

I’m beginning to think that another reason this Prince of Orchid Hills would wear a mask is to protect his cute features – better a nick in the mask than a scar on the cheek! The drama, based on a 2009 novel of the same name, stars Andy Chen Yi and Baby Zhang Hanyu. More pictures below the cut. 

In this legend, instead of a magic heaven maiden, a person needs the Qingluan mirror and Lican sword to unite and rule the country. These treasures were once the treasures of the Dragon Sect, but because of the times’ turbulence have been lost. Before dying, the priestess of the Dragon Sect told its last member – Duanmu Ling (Zhang Hanyu)- the  location of the two treasures. She also warned Duanmu Ling that these treasures could not, under any circumstances, fall into the hands of the unscrupulous, for only the true son of heaven was worthy of using them. (More synopsis below the cut).  Continue reading

Weibo Wednesday: December 4, 2013

陈晓: 我已经沦陷,小小龙女问我,你演谁啊,其实我演谁都不重要,我是来求合照的,Mua!

Chen Xiao fans, you officially have the right to be jealous. Here he is with child actress Zhang Zimu, who’s playing the little-girl version of Xiaolongnü in The Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣)… yet another of Yu Zheng’s added flashback plots. But she’s cute so I guess it’s okay. Plus Chen Xiao is already smitten with her.

I’ve already fallen into enemy hands. Little Xiaolongnü asked me, ‘Who are you playing?’ Actually it doesn’t matter who I’m playing, I’m here to ask to take a picture with her. Mua!

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Zhang Hanyun releases outfits as Princess of Orchid Hills

“You got the finest architecture. End of the rainbow looking treasure. Such a sight to see.” – Katy Perry on this outfit.

Having seen our lively debate on the costumes departments of the two Lanling dramas, The Princess of Orchid Hills decided to release outfits for the female lead Zhang Hanyun to settle the matter once and for all.  Despite some creative freedom, the  peacock “hanfu” actually looks really good on her.  I also like the the first one and the second to last dresses below the cut. My verdict is that although far from perfect, her wardrobe definitely wins over the Fairy Maiden’s.
What are your thoughts?

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Orchid Hills welcomes another prince in “Princess of Orchid Hills”

"Who's prettier, me or Feng Shaofeng?"  "You look the same with your mask on."

“Who’s prettier, me or Feng Shaofeng?” “I can’t tell, but his mask is much scarier.”

The land of Lanling seems to have become a new hotspot as The Princess of Lanling 兰陵王妃, a second series on the beautiful Prince of Lanling begins filming.
The good news is, lead Andy Chen Yi is more of the pretty type than “beautiful sister” Feng Shaofeng.  The main actress stars the equally baby-faced and adequately named Baby Zhang Hanyun, who is still only 24 despite having been shot to fame through Super Girls 10 years ago.  This series was approved about the same time as the other version and is based on the internet novel Royal Princess of Orchid Hills 兰陵皇妃.

More stills below the cut.

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