Celebrating in Red with The Princess of Orchid Hills

The cover for Northern Zhou’s Vogue magazine for next week.

The Princess of Lanling has released red-costumed stills just in time for Chinese New Year, starring  Zhang HanyunPeng Guanying, and Andy Chen Yi.  These stills give us a closer look at the embroidery and details that go into the grander costumes in this production as well as the backgrounds and filming locations.

Feast your eyes on more stills below. (more…)

The Princess of Orchid Hills releases second trailer

In order to compete with Twilight, fans are requesting a picture of your face for their Team Lanling Wang and Team Yuwen Yong shirts.

Starring  Zhang HanyunPeng Guanying, and Andy Chen Yi, be prepared for more of the shipping triangle between Yuwen Yong, the Prince of Lanling, and a hopelessly idealistic heroine with The Princess of Lanling‘s new long trailer.  The trailer reveals more about the plot and will hopefully help us better gauge what to expect.

More stills below the cut because we simply can’t resist.


The Princess of Orchid Hills takes the challenge, ups the pretty

I pray… like I have never prayed before… for the release of this drama… or at least a trailer….

While we ooh and ah over the stills of other period dramas (and curse the lack of episodes), The Princess of Lanling 兰陵王妃 has been feeling largely left out on the attention.  Therefore, the show took it upon itself to release quality stills of their more exquisite costumes.  Starring Andy Chen Yi (whose drama Seven Friends just aired on CTV),  Zhang Hanyun, and Peng Guanying, the series hopes to prove that the Prince of Orchid Hills is not out of fashion and still something to moon over, lady-killing since last year.

More stills below the cut.