Tang Yan and Xiao Bao become siblings in Love Waking Up

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Tang Yan and Xiao Bao play a pair of poor siblings in upcoming series “Love Waking Up”

In the upcoming Frog Turns Prince remake Love Waking Up 爱情睡醒了 that brings back the My Daughters cast, Tang Yan and Roy Qiu plays a couple again, this time with some help (or competition?) from child star Xiao Bao, known for his Michael Jackson performances. Xiao Bao’s character will be a new addition to the story that will surely explode with cuteness.

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After boybands, come idol dramas?

Will HIT-5 be the first mainland boyband to star in idol dramas?

Are idol dramas a natural procession to boybands? HIT-5 hopes so

Anhui TV stated that it would invest in a drama that is a mix of Meteor Garden and Prince Turns Frog last week. According to the news article, the drama is mostly Taiwanese in nature, with its production team from Taiwanese CTV (which did the original Meteor Garden), but it will be purchased by Anhui TV. The producer stated that “Jerry Yan has already agreed to being the lead, though age is an issue.” The main actresses  was to be chosen between Chen Qiaoen and Jolin Tsai.

In a later article, Anhui TV corrected themselves by saying that it is an original script about a poor girl and two rich guys, though they will look to dramas like Meteor Garden and Prince Turns Frog for guidance. Furthermore, they might look to mainland for the supporting actors and actresses.  While the Meteor Garden rumor is definitely false, the rest could potentially be true, though still unlikely.  But then, Anhui TV has been mainland’s exclusive channel for Jungiery(Mingdao, Qiaoen) dramas. Continue reading