Zheng Shuang Talks Plastic Surgery & Zhang Han


Plastic Surgery and Relationship Status, two topics celebrities can’t avoid quick enough and tabloid can’t get enough of. For years, fans have been waiting for some type of straight forward confirmation or denial on the Han Shuang relationship. Finally, after years of ambiguity regarding her relationship with Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang decided to tackle two of the most feared topics in the entertainment industry in one go.

Why would she do such a thing? Maybe it’s like Zheng Shuang says in the interview:

I think it’s due to the difference in time period/generation. Based on my age and experience, I don’t regard [plastic surgery] as a secret or private matter. I think this is something that can be talked about openly.

And she does. Nothing (seems to be) off-limit in her sit-down interview with sina. Zheng Shuang openly talked about her relationship with Zhang Han and her recent plastic surgery rumors. (more…)