Photographer Friday: Zhong Lin

Malaysian-born, Taipei-based photographer Zhong Lin (pinyin: Zhong Ling) is really one of my favorites. I love her whimsical style and bold use of colors that seem to bring fairytale settings to life. Her subjects always feel so filled with life, and each frame tells a story. Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite celebrity photoshoots by her.

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National Geographic showcases actor Hu Ge’s photography

Even National Geographic has to use a few tricks to break into the Chinese market (maybe because Chinese National Geography has so much better pictures?). The Chinese version has launched a new section featuring celebrity photography of places around the world. Actor Hu Ge (Chinese Paladin, Legend of Condor Heroes, Young Warriors of the Yang Clan), being  one of the best celeb photographers around, was invited to showcase his photos during his trip to Egypt earlier this year. Other than cute pictures of his best buds, a sample of Hu Ge’s photography since going to Egypt (aka his photography this year): (more…)