First trailer for time-warp romance First Love Again

First Love Again stars Patrick Shish (Someday or One Day) as the present-day hero who meets the heroine (Chen Haoyu) from 2006, and a romance blossoms. I’m guessing the show will focus on the butterfly effect that eventually allows them to truly fall in love in the present day? The drama premieres on iQiyi on July 29th.

The probability of them meeting was one in a billion. In a parallel time and space, the cold and unapproachable top student Ye Youning (Patrick Shih) encounters the bright and sunny Xia Wenxi (Chen Haoyu).Through an unexpected opportunity, Ye Youning of the present connects with Xia Wenxi from the year 2006. Their encounter leads to a sweet romance and a chance to relive high school, to meet old friends again and to experience the taste of first love.

iQiyi synopsis