Zhang Han gone viral


Striking resemblance?

If you’re on Weibo, your Weibo feed might be flooded by memes of Zhang Han.  First, his line in Boss & Me went viral as a meme (ex. Lu Yi-Huang Lei, World Cup, and Sherlock versions,  then someone pointed out he looked like Trollface,  now he’s even got merged with Doge, the last Chinese Internet meme hit.  Popular Chinese rage comic video company BaoZouManHua even released a rage comic just for him.

The memes, although often vitriolic in nature, was nevertheless a boost to his new drama Paranormal Adonis,  the first Weibo hashtag I’ve seen that used 100 million as an unit of counting views.  Btw, that drama is a definite recommend.  It has the best production qualities of all the idol dramas currently airing, got recordbreaking views for its slot, and by the end of episode 2, most people going in to poke fun at Zhang Han wanted to know what happens next.

Paranormal Adonis breaks the normal


Here’s hoping the reason why they have no good stills/posters is because the money was spent on a script … or at least more comfortable beds for these poor adonises and Guigui.

In its latest attempt to implement a weekly series, Hunan TV will be airing the first mainland series in a long time to have the script be written as it is airing.  Paranormal Adonis 不一样的美男子 stars Zhang Han as the titular adonis who wakes up with the ability to see into the future after an accident. The series co-stars Guigui, Fan Shiqi, M4M, Lu Chen, and Yi Yizi.

The series, which will air every Sunday beginning June 29th , so far only has 10 episodes written, and only begun filming last month in Xiamen. In addition to Paranormal Adonis,  Hunan TV is also opening a new weekly series with Legend of Ancient Sword, which will air on Wednesday and Thursdays.  I really want Hunan TV to succeed in this weekly series push because weekly series encourage more succinct but high-qualitied productions.

The first teaser for the new series: