Weibo Wednesday: July 2, 2014

To be honest, not much has been happening on the Weibo front since our last round-up (that, or I haven’t had the time to pay enough attention), but have some cuteness to make up for the lack of real news.

Zhou Xun with boyfriend Archie Kao and panda
i周迅: [panda emoticon]

Zhou Xun with her Chinese-American boyfriend Archie Kao is quite adorable already, but give me Zhou Xun, Archie, and a panda, and that’s even better! I’m going to have to throw in an extra picture here, because she is really just too cute.


Pandas to the rescue!


How can anyone not love pandas? With the earthquake in Sichuan last year and the sending of two pandas to Taiwan, pandas again rose to the spotlight. A salut to all the panda tributes, including those from  Jay Chou, Disney, Yang Lei and Huang Xiaoming, coming out recently.

Jay Chou held the press conference for a drama series tentatively named “Panda Men” on the 16th. Jay says that he “loves watching Super Hero movies, but Chinese people don’t have a modern day hero. All Chinese heroes are from the ancient times, so I want to do something that no one else has yet done.” Jay says he came up with the idea long before Kungfu Panda, but never had the time to do it.